How To Load Zong Card – Zong Card Recharge Code 2024

How To Load Zong Card is a frequently asked question. Simply scratch the Zong card and dial *101*14 digits# for free to recharge the card.

Every telecom network in Pakistan offers scratch cards that can recharge subscribers’ accounts. These cards are specially introduced for those users who don’t want to share their number with shopkeepers or with strangers.

Zong cards keep your account recharged, and it also made users never compromise their privacy because you never have to share your number with retailers to load your account. Simply buy a card and recharge your account yourself without any trouble.

How To Load Zong Card?

Buy a Zong card and recharge it on your SIM card to get the balance. The received balance can be consumed on SMS, Voice & Internet package subscriptions.

Follow these steps to load Zong Card:

  • Scratch Zong Card and get 14 digits code
  • Now dial *101*All Digits of Scratched Card#
  • USSD Code will run for a few seconds on screen.
  • A pop-up notification will confirm the card recharge.
  • You will also receive the load card & current balance details.
Zong Card Recharge Code

Balance Inquiry

We suggest our dear visitors always inquire about their current balance after Zong card recharge. In many cases, the network gives a complete balance after deducting taxes. However, if the user had taken a loan/advance balance from the network then the card recharge will definitely have to pay card recharge tax + loan balance both at a time.

Service Name:Card Load:
Price:PKR 0

Balance After Card Load

There are basically 4 Zong Cards available in markets. Zong has launched its cards in the ascending order of PKR (100, 300, 500 & 1000). These cards recharge the user’s account according to their own price. For example, a 100 rupee card gives 88 rupees after the deduction of government charges.

Zong Card PriceReceive Load
100 Rupees CardPKR 88.88
300 Rupees CardPKR 266.67
500 Rupees CardPKR 444.44
1000 Rupees CardPKR 888.89

Note: This is the list of exact balances that rechargers will receive on card load.

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Terms & Conditions
  • Only prepaid subscribers can use this service.
  • You can also dial 101 to load Zong Card for free.
  • Zong users can use the “My Zong App” to load the card.
  • Zong cards are available in price (100, 300, 500 & 1000).
  • Visit the nearest franchise or retailer shop to buy a scratch card.
  • For more details, please click on the official website INFO & FAQs.

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