Share Balance From One Sim To Another in 2024

Do you want to share/transfer your SIM balance to another network SIM Card? If Yes! Then here we have described the Share Balance From One Sim To Another trick. This method “How To Share Balance” from one SIM to a different network is present below. It is easy to transfer the balance to all networks.

We have mentioned the tricks to transfer load from prepaid to postpaid SIM. Her user can also get the method to transfer load from one network SIM to other networks at low charges. Also, the method is highlighted with image addition for the dear visitor’s guide.

All the latest tricks & codes with 2024 professional sources have been collected and mentioned below. Take a look at the complete post and transfer your balance to all networks in a few seconds. We have also mentioned transaction charges with maximum or minimum transaction limits.

How To Share Balance?

All networks in Pakistan have clearly mentioned codes & tricks to share their balance. For example, we often search the common terms, “share Jazz to Jazz” or “share Zong to Zong”. But the transfer to other networks is not mentioned or highlighted by any network in Pakistan. Hence, here we have codes and complete tricks given below.

Moreover, here are the complete balance share codes and their charges with the details mentioned. However, if you feel any type of further help then you can click on the other articles “clearly mention to transfer load” from one SIM to another on the Apna4G page.

1. Jazz To Jazz Share Balance

Our First trick is about the number one telecom network in Pakistan. Now share Mobilink balance by dialing the following code *100*9230XXXXXXXX*Amount# and confirm the transfer by replying “1”.

How To Share Balance Jazz
Service Name:Jazz Balance Share Code
Minimum Transfer:PKR 15
Maximum Transfer:PKR 200
Charges Per Share:PKR 3.99

2. Zong To Zong Share

Zong to Zong balance can be easily transferred by dialing *828# code. Now enter the phone number to which you want to send the load. A pop-up notification will appear that asks about “insert transfer amount”. Now press “1” and confirm the transaction.

How To Share Balance Zong
Service Name:Zong Balance Share Code
Minimum Transfer:PKR 10
Maximum Transfer:PKR 200
Charges Per Share:PKR 2

3. Ufone To Ufone Share

To transfer the balance, please dial *828*Receiver-Number*Amount# and the amount must be from PKR 10 to PKR 200. For example, dial *828*0333xxxxxxxx*30# and you, PKR 30 will be transferred into U-Number given in the code.

Ufone Load Transection
Service Name:Ufone To Ufone Share
Minimum Transfer:PKR 10
Maximum Transfer:PKR 200
Charges Per Share:PKR 3.99

4. Telenor To Telenor Share

Transfer load by dialing *1*1*923xxxxxxxxxx*Amount# (for example) *1*1*923xxxxxxxxx*30# and press “1” to confirm the notification “allow transaction”.

Telenor Transection Load
Service Name:Telenor To Telenor Share
Minimum Transfer:PKR 20
Maximum Transfer:PKR 200
Charges Per Share:PKR 3.99

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Apna4G Conclusion

With the help of the following codes, the user can transfer his balance to friends. The codes + transaction taxes are mention in the details above.

Jazz Share Details

Zong Share Details

Ufone Share Details

Telenor Share Details

However, for more information, click here for more details. Furthermore, we have mention here all details about Balance Share / Transfer of all Pakistani telecom networks. Enjoy the sharing service and stay connected with friends & family.

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