How to Withdraw Money From Snack Video Using JazzCash & EasyPaisa

Are you searching for “How To Withdraw Money From Snack Video” for free? In Pakistan Jazz Cash & Easy Paisa offers the service to withdraw Snack Video earnings directly into your account. You just have to follow simple steps to get your daily earning without any withdrawal charges. We also have described the method to Withdraw Money From Snack Video in Bangladesh.

Snack video has specified some rules to get you’re earning from the app. According to the app, you can withdraw your earnings once in 24 hours. For example, you just withdraw your earning then you will not able to withdraw further payment in the next 24 hours.

According to the withdraw rule Snack video earning can only be transferred from the video app account to your (easy paisa or jazz cash) account when you’re earning reach at:

  • 25 Rupees
  • 50 Rupees
  • 200 Rupees
  • 500 Rupees
  • 1,200 Rupees

Hence these are the round-figure amounts & you can only withdraw money among these numbers that are given above.

Withdraw Money From Snack Video

There are few basic steps that you have to perform to withdraw money from the snack video app. Follow these steps one by one:

  • Open Snack Video App
  • Now click on coins icon
  • Your earning details will open
  • Click on withdraw present below (Rs)
  • Your current earning details will open
  • Select one amount from 25, 50, 200, 500, 1200
  • Now click below on yellow color “withdraw” button
  • Choose the withdraw method (JazzCash or EasyPaisa)
  • After selecting your withdraw method click on “Confirm”
  • Now enter your account “Full Name” & “Mobile Number”
  • On next tab click on “Cash Out” button to transfer money
  • Congratulations! Your earning has been withdraw successfully

Step By Step Images

These are 7 steps with images that will help you to understand the process of Snack Video App money withdraws.

1st Step (Coins Icon)

First of all, you have to click on the “coins icon” present on the front screen of “Snack Video App”.

How To Withdraw Money From Snack Video - Coins
2nd Step (Withdraw)

Now click on the “withdraw” button as it is present below the total earnings you have got from this app.

Choose Withdraw Button
3rd Step (Cash)

Now choose one “cash amount” from 25, 50, 200, 500, 1200 rupees.

How To Withdraw Money From Snack Video - Cash Button
4th Step (Yellow Button)

Click on the “Yellow Withdraw” button given below the total amount.

Yellow Button
5th Step (Method)

The fifth section is to choose the “withdrawal method” any from Jazz Cash or Easy Paisa.

How To Withdraw Money From Snack Video - Select Method
6th Step (Name & Number)

Now enter your easy paisa or jazz cash account “Name & Number” and click on the “Submit” button.

Provide Name & Number
Withdrawal Success

Congratulations! You have successfully withdrawn the selected amount from your snack video account and it will be added to your “Jazz Cash or Easy Paisa” account within 3 days.

How To Withdraw Money From Snack Video - Notification
Terms & Conditions

Special terms & conditions apply to Snack video money earning and getting it through these methods. These are those terms & conditions that you must have to follow while getting your money out. Click here to get Snack Video Invitation Codes with massive coins.

  • You can withdraw once in 24 hours
  • Next cash out will made after 1 day
  • Withdraw amount get cash in 3 days
  • Only jazz cash & easy paisa transfer money
  • Money can only withdraw in definite amount

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