How To Invite Friends on Snack Video – Invite & Earn

Now you can Invite Friends on Snack Video and earn PKR 140 to PKR 200 free. Hence invite and earn policy has been introduced for the 1st time in Pakistan in this video app. All those internet lovers who want to earn money with their mobile can earn maximum money. Yes! You just have to download and install Snack Video App on your mobile and start your first day earning according to the given policies of the app.

Snack Video App gives multiple options (when you click on the golden coins) present on the front screen. These coins will be added to the user account if he/she fulfills each day’s target from the everyday target list. You have to watch maximum videos to achieve your daily time target. On the other hand, you must have to invite friends to add new coins to your account.

You can send a new invitation to your (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tumbler) and others. The coins ratio is directly proportional to the invitation acceptance of a user. Suppose you send many invitations to your friends and a few of them accept your invitation and install the Snack Video on their device then you will receive a commission bonus from that installation.

Invite Friends on Snack Video

We have described the step-by-step method to “Invite Friends on Snack Video”. You send multiple invitations at a time and you will get commission coins on each to accept & install.

  • Open “Snack Video App”
  • On front page click on “Coins”
  • Select “Invite New Friends & Earn Money”
  • Now Tag (Facebook & WhatsApp) friends
  • At the end, Click on “Send Invitation”
How To Invite Friends on Snack Video

It is important to notice that your marked friends will receive the invitation to install this app on behalf of your name & id. Hence you will get rewarded directly when they will install the video app.

App Activity Share

The not only invitation gives reward to the sender. You can also get 100 coins by “sharing your activity of the day” with your friends. This option is available right below the option of “invitation share” in the golden coins menu.

Snack Video Money

Basically, “Invite New Friends & Earn Money” is a publication stunt. These stunts inspire people to collect maximum coins to earn huge amounts without any effort. Hence, people send maximum invitations daily to get commission rewards in the form of 140 or 200 rupees.

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Isn’t the best source of online earning through watching videos? Yes of course it is and in subcontinent, especially in Pakistan, this app is trending day by day due to its coins/reward in the form of (money withdrawal) policy.

Apna4G Conclusion

In the whole world, freelancing is a source of “online working”. On the other hand, in Pakistan “online watching videos” is also a big source of generating huge revenue. We have mentioned a vital example of online video watch & earn money above. However, you still have any questions, then feel free to ask that through the comment box.

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