Ufone Super Cards 330 | 599 | 999 (Sub & Check)

All 3 Ufone Super Cards family has been described on this page with their incentives, price, subscribe, check and unsubscribe codes.

Remain with us because here we are going to define all basic incentives of Ufone Super Cards with their possible codes. We have arranged these packages in ascending order so that you can get a better understand of the info about cards in increasing incentives and price.

Many users always search about the remaining incentives check the code of Ufone Cards. Hence we have also discussed the cards remaining SMS, Minutes & MBs check code with the price below. That’s why this article is going to best & very informative for all Ufone card subscribers.

Ufone Super Cards List

There are basically three Ufone Super Cards currently valid on all prepaid SIM cards. Their names and price are present below for your kind information and we will define only these three cards details, codes & check codes.

  • Mini Super Card (PKR 330)
  • Super Card Plus (PKR 599)
  • Super Card Gold (PKR 999)

Now it is the time to describe incentives & codes of all these 3 cards. Let’s begin our list with mini then plus & gold at last.

Mini Super Card (PKR 330)

As we have mentioned above the Ufone Mini Super Card is available for only 330 rupees. By activating this card the subscriber will get all daily use incentives for a half month (15 days).


Users will receive 3500 SMS, 600 MBs, 500 on-network minutes, and 50 off-network minutes. Please dial *230# and get this half-month mini card package in PKR 330 only. Click here for the official website INFO & FaQs.

Offer Name:Ufone Mini
Super Card
Price:PKR 330
Validity:15 Days
On-Net Minutes:500
Off-Net Minutes:50

Super Card Plus (PKR 599)

The second card is Ufone Super Card Plus which is currently available in PKR 599 only. This is a monthly card providing average incentives to enjoy for 30 days.


Dial *250# and get 4200 SMS, 2000 MBs data + unlimited Facebook MBs, unlimited on-network minutes to call on all Ufone numbers for the whole month. Subscribers will also receive 180 off-network minutes to call on other networks of Pakistan. This is the link to the following card official INFO & FaQs.

Card Name:Ufone Super
Card Plus
Price:PKR 599
Validity:30 Days
On-Net Minutes:Unlimited
Off-Net Minutes:180

Super Card Gold (PKR 999)

Massive last offer is Ufone Super Card Gold charges PKR 999 for 30 days. In this card, you will receive a bundle of massive incentives to enjoy 30 days non-stop by dialing *900#.

Super Card Gold By Ufone

Here you will get Unlimited SMS, 5GB Data with Unlimited Facebook MBs, Unlimited U to U or PTCL minutes & 300 minutes for other networks. The official website link is given here.

Card Name:Ufone Super
Card Gold
Price:PKR 999
Validity:30 Days
On-Net Minutes:Unlimited
Off-Net Minutes:300

Ufone Cards Check Code

Many times we have to check the remaining SMS, MBs & Minutes of Ufone Super Cards. Hence it is very easy to check the remaining incentives for free. You can check the remaining incentives of Ufone Super Card Mini, Plus & Gold by dialing *706# for free.

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You can either dial *706# or also download & install “My Ufone App” on the device to check the remaining Ufone card SMS, MBs, or Minutes. Both of these methods or tricks work 100% and give you complete details about the remaining incentives & validity of your Ufone package.

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