Snack Video Unlimited Coins (APK & Trick) – 5000 Coins

Now you can generate or earn Snack Video Unlimited Coins daily free. Just follow step by step method given below and become rich in few days. Everyone knows that Snack Video is a genuine and original application that gives daily, weekly and monthly money according to the coins earned by the user. Hence collect maximum coins to earn a lot of money online through Snack Video App.

Apna4G has updated the tricks and methods through which you can get daily 5000+ for free. These coins can be converted into Pakistani rupees daily or weekly when you’re earnings reach the milestone set by the officials of the video app.

People search for different tricks that can lead them to the official tricks that can increase their daily reward. Many Pakistani users of snack video apps who have maximum “watch time” on this app receive 3000 thousand to 6000 thousand rupees daily or weekly.

Snack Video Unlimited Coins

People search the same term “Snack Video Unlimited Coins” many times so that I have searched for these possible tricks that can boost your app earning through coins in few days. Those tricks and methods are described separately so that you can get a clear concept to increase your coins.

You can also generate a huge amount from Snack video by increasing the number of golden coins present above the app. And here we have described many tricks and methods that will help you to boost your limited coins to unlimited coins. Later on, you will able to withdraw those coins through Jazz Cash or Easy Paisa.

Unlimited Coins Tricks

There are basically 6 tricks that can give you 5000 rupees. These tricks include Rs 12000 Offer, Daily Check-IN, Follow 2-Users, Like 2-Videos, Share Activity, and Coins Booster App in a row. Let’s take a look at each trick separately.

Rs 12000 Offer

VIP offer has been initiated by the officials of the Snack video app. According to this offer you have to invite 10 people to join this video app and as a reward, you will receive PKR 12,000. On furthermore invite & accept you will get 500 rupees for each invite to accept. Hence invite maximum people to earn unlimited money.

  • 1st invitation (Rs 1000)
  • 5th invitation (Rs 1500)
  • 10th invitation (Rs 6000)
  • Addition invite (Rs 500)
Snack Video Unlimited Coins 12000 rupees

Daily Check-IN

Do you know that “daily check-in” will provide 200 coins for free? Hence this another 100% valid and legal trick to get free coins to increase daily earning. You just have to open the app daily and have to watch few minutes and that will be enough. Your coins will automatically receive a 200 coins update. You will also get surprised to know that you will receive a daily double bonus on “daily check-in”.

Daily Check in Details

Follow 2-Users

The next trick is to get 1000+ free coins by following 2 users on Snack Video App. Hence every day when you follow two users you will receive a one thousand coins bonus.

Snack Video Unlimited Coins Follow 2 users

Like 2-Videos

Have you watched any Snack Video? If yes! Then simple like any 2 and earn +1000 coins. This is another possible way to increase your daily reward and online earning for free.

Like 2-Videos to earn coins

Share Activity

While using Snack Video just share your activity “what you are doing” or “current status” and get extra coins. These coins maybe 1000 to 2000. Adding coins into your account will provide you maximum benefit.

Share Activity to get coins

Coins Booster App

There is also an official Coins Booster App available in android and iOS versions. We have also given the link to download and install that app into your device and increase your coins from 2000 to 20000 in few seconds. This app is available on this link:

Download Coins App
Snack Video Unlimited Coins Boost Coins

Apna4G Final Words

We have posted this article after complete research for many days. Hence, we concluded from the above discussion that earning through an online snack video app is very easy and worthy. Don’t miss this golden chance and become rich through Snack Video App.

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