Jazz Free WhatsApp Offer (Code & Details)

Just make a call daily with Jazz SIM and receive 65 MBs for 3G/4G devices to use WhatsApp for free. Yes! This is a free WhatsApp Jazz offer that encourages prepaid SIM users to make a call for at least 1 second to get free WhatsApp MBs.

It rarely happens that any telecom network provides free internet. Especially for social media apps, the internet costs more than the plain internet. On the other hand, the one and only Jazz 4G has launched a new service that has a special method to get free MBs.

Yes! Just make a call on any Jazz number or on any other network for a few seconds. When you will disconnect the call, you will receive an SMS from the network that will alert you about your gift.

Jazz Free WhatsApp Offer

Dial *225# and activate the “Jazz Free WhatsApp Offer” permanently on your prepaid number. This offer is absolutely free and also makes the subscriber eligible to get 65 MBs for WhatsApp daily after making a call.

Do you want to get free WhatsApp MBs on Jazz prepaid SIM? Then dial *225# and make a call of at least 1 second. Congratulation, you have gets 65MBs free. You can repeat the procedure daily and receive a fixed amount of data for the social media app. Hence, always stay connected through WhatsApp SMS & Calls for free via the new Jazz Free WhatsApp code.

65 MBs Offer

To subscribe to this free 65 MB offer please dial *225# and every day make a call to get free data. In addition, you can check the status of this free bucket by dialing the *225*2# code.


Offer Name:Free WhatsApp
MBs:65 MBs
Eligibility:Make a Call
Daily For MBs
Check Code:*225*2#

Required Call Charges

According to Jazz officials, the user who wants to get 65 MBs daily must have to start a call that ends when the user consumes Rs 1.5 respectively. Hence, consume 1.5 rupees on call and get free internet MBs for WhatsApp.

Make Maximum Calls

Those users who subscribe to this free offer and make a maximum number of calls in a day will receive 65 MBs for every call. For example, if you made 5 calls in a day, then you will receive 5 x 65 = 325 MBs. A user can avail of a maximum of 650 MBs with this free offer. Get access to Jazz Menu Code from here.

Apna4G Suggestion

We suggest our dear visitors to subscribe this offer because by dialing a code you will get free social media data daily without paying any money. It is the best opportunity for Jazz prepaid users to stay connected via WhatsApp social media.

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