Jazz Menu Code 2024 | Overview, Price & Details

There is two Jazz Menu in Jazz prepaid SIM. Internet Menu and Subscribed Services Menu. The purpose of these two menus are different from each other, and we have described here both of them separately for you.

Now you can get info about basic settings of Jazz menu & subscribe services menu and about its codes, price and working method from here. Basically, these are launched by the network to help the prepaid users to inquire about the subscribed packages or get basic details (settings) of the network.

In this list, the 1st Jazz Menu is known as the “internet menu” and the 2nd is called the “subscribed service” menu. Always remember that usage of both of them is very easy and available for only prepaid SIM users. Let’s start our discussion.

Jazz Menu Code

In Jazz 4G, the word “menu” comes 2 times. Yes! With this word we mean two services and both of these services play a vital role for the prepaid users to get basic details about their packages and SIM.

There are 2 types of this service:

  • Jazz Menu
  • Internet Menu

Let’s take a look at these services, price, subscribe code, unsubscribe code, overview, and basic features.

Prepaid Menu

This 1st service is call as “Jazz Menu” and with it, you can check your subscribed packages and services on one page. Yes! Check all subscribed packages through Jazz Menu and stay informed about your balance deduction.

When you subscribe to this service by sending “LIST” to 6611 the Jazz automatically opens a page on which your SIM current activated packages will appear. This service shows the list of all subscribed Call, SMS, and Internet packages. Now you see the list of activated packages so that it has become easy to unsub the extra services activated on your SIM.


Service Name:Jazz Menu
SUB-Cod:Send “LIST” to 6611
UNSUB-Code:Send “Unsub” to 6611
Price:Free of Cost (Rs 0)

Prepaid Internet Menu

Do you want to get your prepaid SIM (3G/4G) coverage, new packages details, or net setting. All these have become possible through one service named “Jazz Internet Menu” for prepaid users.

Dial *443# and press any number according to the given list to get the following services for free:

13G/4G Coverage
2Prepaid Data Packages
3Music & Morning Offers
43G/4G Prepaid Activation
5Prepaid Net Setting
6Language Urdu
74G SIM Check
84G Handset Check

Note: Reply with 1, 2, or any number to get its mention service free. Here we have the details of Jazz Postpaid Gold Packages of this current year.

Final Words

Always remember that those prepaid users of Mobilink SIM. Who want to check their internet settings, coverage, or other internet-related packages or bundles can use the “2nd” service. On the other hand, those people who want to check the activated packages on their SIM. They can use “1st service” by giving the codes present above.

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