Jazz Postpaid Packages – Monthly, Price & Code

Jazz Postpaid Packages (Gold) Rs 900, 1600, and 2500 are present here with price and incentives. These are Jazz Postpaid Call & Internet Packages users that are searching for gold bundles on Jazz prepaid SIM can get info about these buckets from here.

You know very well that recently launched Jazz postpaid “J series” packages are top buckets for postpaid users. That’s why, keeping in view those bundles, the network has introduced these fresh packages that are complete in every term.

Whether you use the internet or send SMS, this bucket will support you. In addition, those users who are searching for on-network and off-network postpaid buckets can activate any package from this “golden” series to fulfill their needs.

Jazz Postpaid Packages

There are basically three Jazz Postpaid Gold Packages respectively. All these packages have been described below according to ascending order. Remember that the maximum price bucket will come in with huge incentives and vice versa.

These are 3 Postpaid Gold buckets of Jazz 4G:

  • 900 Gold
  • 1600 Gold
  • 2500 Gold

Let’s take about each bucket separately but remember that all bucket’s terms & conditions are given together at the end of this article. Get details about the Jazz Postpaid Monthly Supreme Plan from here.

Jazz 900 Gold

Postpaid 900 Gold bucket also known as (Gold Basic) provides 10GB (10,000 MBs) internet for 2G/3G/4G devices. In addition, this bucket also has 3000 Jazz to Jazz Minutes with 3000 SMS. In the end, this package provides 250 Minutes for other networks. All these incentives are available for Rs 900.


Offer Name:900 Gold
Jazz Minutes:3000
Other Minutes:250
Price:Rs 900

1600 Gold Jazz

The second bundle that is also known as (Gold Plus) in this list comes with 20GB of internet, 6000 Jazz Minutes, 6000 SMS, and 450 off-network minutes. The actual price of this bucket is 1600 rupees.


Offer Name:1600 Gold
Jazz Minutes:6000
Other Minutes:450
Price:Rs 1600

Jazz 2500 Gold

In the Jazz prepaid gold series, the last bucket is the 2500 Gold offer, or it is also known as (Gold Ultimate) offer. As the price increases, this package also has double incentives as compared to gold 1600 & gold 900. Take a look at its incentives from this info table:


Offer Name:2500 Gold
Jazz Minutes:10,000
Other Minutes:650
Price:Rs 2500

Terms & Conditions

  • These are postpaid offers
  • A security deposit of 1000 require, for each bucket
  • Official data rates of this package are Rs 2 per MB
  • SMS rate according to terms, Rs 0.75 per SMS
  • Call rates for gold postpaid are Rs 1.75 per minute
  • Check remaining SMS, MBs & Minutes via *2222#
  • The official Bill inquiry code of Jazz postpaid gold is *1111#
  • Get more information about Jazz postpaid gold offer from here

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