Jazz Instantic SMS Subscribe & Unsubscribe Code 2024

Send SUB to 6070 or dial *6070# to Subscribe Jazz Instantic SMS. Send “UNSUB” to 6070 to Unsubscribe Jazz Instantic SMS. All related information about this service is present here.

Jazz Smart SMS Service is also known as Jazz Instantic SMS works on unique protocol and make it sure to deliver your sent message to receiving party even if the receiver number is off.

Remember 1 fact, the Instantic / Smart SMS has ability to deliver an SMS to a number even if the number is off for a long time. Whenever that number turn-on the Instantic / Smart SMS make sure your sent SMS deliver to receiver in seconds.

Jazz Instantic SMS Details

If you have send an SMS to a number and the receiver number is turned off, then your SMS will not be delivered. It is a universal truth, however the Jazz 4G has make an exception by launching a new service.

You just need to activate Jazz Smart SMS Service and make sure your message have been delivered successfully, even to the powered-off numbers.

Full Details:

Offer Name:Instantic SMS
Sub-Code:Send SUB to 6070
or dial *6070#
Unsub-Code:Send “UNSUB” to 6070
Daily Price:Rs 1+tax
Weekly Price:Rs 6+tax

How To Subscribe Jazz Instantic SMS Service?

You can dial *6070# to activate / subscribe this Service. In addition, you can Send SUB to 6070 and activate this service on your prepaid Jazz number.

How To Unsubscribe Jazz Instantic SMS Service?

Simply type “UNSUB” and send it to 6070 to Unsubscribe Jazz Instantic SMS Service. You can also call on official helpline to deactivate this service.

Block & Unblock Jazz Smart SMS Service

You can also block or unblock the Jazz Smart SMS Service by following the given code according to function:

  • Send BLOCK to 6070 (to block this service)
  • Send UNBLOCK to 6070 (to unblock this service)

How To Use Instantic / Smart SMS Service?

It is very simple, to send a Jazz Smart SMS you just need to type 66 before the number of your friend to whom you are going to send the SMS.

  • For example, I want to send Hello to my friend number 0308XXXXXXX
  • I will type Hello and send it to 660308XXXXXXX to send it using Instantic SMS

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Whenever your friend will turn on his / her number, your SMS will be delivered instantly.

In this video, we have describe all topics relative Jazz Instantic SMS or with Jazz Smart SMS. Hence, watch this video to get full details about this topic in easy language.

Terms & Conditions
  • Without Subscription fee, Rs 0.6 per SMS
  • Prepaid Subscription fee Rs 6+tax per week
  • Postpaid Subscription fee, Rs 15 per Month
  • You can sent 10 Instantic / Smart SMS in a day
  • GST, AIT and FED taxes will apply on Smart SMS
  • Get additional details about this service from Jazz

3 thoughts on “Jazz Instantic SMS Subscribe & Unsubscribe Code 2024

  • Mahtab Ahmed

    I want to close this service.

  • It’s not unsubscribed even I unsub it

  • Shakeel Ahmed

    One time subscribed this service you can block or UNSUB this service


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