Jeeto Pakistan Passes / Tickets Price and Registration 2024

In Ramadan, everyone asks, How To Participate in the Jeeto Pakistan show? Register online for Jeeto Pakistan Passes / Tickets 2024 by following any trick among the 4 different methods that are described below.

Usually, all family members sit together in front of the TV in their free time (after Aftari) to watch the Ramadan show, (game show) and quiz competition to feel relaxed.

It has become common to host Ramadan shows to entertain people after the whole day of fasting. People love to watch such family shows because of their unique patterns and family content. These days the TV show hosted by Fahad Mustafa is very famous among kids and women. Hence, we are going to share important details about this show here on this page.

Jeeto Pakistan Passes / Tickets 2024

There are 4 (four) different methods and tricks that can give you to get free Jeeto Pakistan tickets in 2024. But before that, you have to fulfill requirements that are officially set by the authorities of the Ramadan (quiz & game) show.

These types of TV shows are not new in Pakistan. If we reflect back to the 70s, then we will be able to know that Tariq Aziz was the 1st TV host who had hosted such a game (quiz show) in 1975. Yes! Bazm-e-Tariq Aziz was also a game and quiz show that remained the top show of that era.

Jeeto Pakistan Passes details

Methods to get Jeeto Pakistan tickets:

  1. Jeeto Pakistan App
  2. ARY Digital Website
  3. ARY Sahulat Bazar Pakistan
  4. Call officials to get tickets

1st Trick (Jeeto Pakistan Passes By App)

On the play store, ARY officials have update the “Jeeto Pakistan App” and it supports both prepaid and postpaid devices. Yes! You just need to download the app from the play store and apply (register) online for Jeeto Pakistan Passes. This is the first valid method through which you can Participate in Jeeto Pakistan for free.

First Step: Download and install the Jeeto Pakistan on your android and iPhone. After successful installation, you have to open the app on your device.

Jeeto Pakistan Passes app

Second Step: Now you have to provide your details in the given pattern:

  • Enter full name
  • Your phone number
  • CNIC (ID Card Number)
  • Full Address of the user
  • Finally, click submit & register online for passes
details insert

Note: This is the most authentic and widely used method to get Jeeto Pakistan entry passes online for free. Hence, we recommend this method to all Pakistani friends.

2nd Trick (ARY Digital Site)

Official ARY digital portal also has a page that is specially designed for the Jeeto Pakistan passes registration. Click on the given link and open the ARY Digital Site page to apply for Jeeto Pakistan passes today.

official link to register

3rd Trick (ARY Sahulat Bazar)

ARY Sahulat Bazar’s official page on Facebook is the single source of Jeeto Pakistan show Entry Passes via FB. You just need to like this page and update it for a regular time. In a lucky draw the new users (who have recently liked the page) get the Jeeto Pakistan passes.

sahulat register

4th (Call Method)

This is the last trick that is widely use by people, but we don’t recommend this trick. However, we have given here only a call code, on which you can call for program passes registration. SMS method is not present here because this method can leak your private details (info). That’s why we don’t recommend the SMS method to register for TV show passes. As a result, we also don’t have to mention this trick here.

Moreover, Just call on 11-279-111 and ask the ARY agent to register your CNIC and name for your passes booking.

Few Words About Jeeto Pakistan

Basically, this show (Jeeto Pakistan) is only telecast during the month of Ramadan. In this show, officials have kept many segments, games, quiz questions, different competitions, and celebrity chat minutes. On the other hand, the show host (Fahad Mustafa) also awards the audience with different prizes.

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Jeeto Pakistan show contain different prizes including cars, motorbikes, electric appliances, laptops, house, and other prizes that are usually distribute among participants who attend the show live. Hence, this is the main reason, people try their best to attend this show to win prizes for free.

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