Telenor Band Sim Offer 2022 – Telenor Reactivation Offer

Telenor Reactivation Offer – Have you turned off SIM since 12 July 2021? Reactivate SIM and get incentives via Telenor Band Sim Offer in 2022.

Telenor Band Sim Offer is a famous term being searched by SIM users. The real reason behind it is the plenty of free SMS, data, and minutes free for a limited time. Here we have described this offer commonly known as “reactivation offer”.

Telenor Band Sim Offer

If you had your Telenor SIM being off since 12 July 2021 or between this time then get ready to avail free SMS, MBs & Minutes. This off have three different names:

All these three offers have the same details & codes but their names are different.

Band Sim Offer Details

Off SIM since 12 July 2021 or between this period can only avail the free incentives. Hence if you have any of this time off Telenor SIM then activate it and dial Call 2222 or send SMS “FREE” to 2222. This will provide 3000 Telenor Minutes, 10,000 MBs (12 AM to 7 PM) for 2 months (60 days).

Full Details:

Offer Name:BandSim Offer
Validity:60 Days
to 2222

Free Internet MBs

Internet MBs 2G/3G/4G will work only from 12 AM to 7 PM. But these MBs are enough for a common subscriber to enjoy unlimited movies, social media, downloading, and uploading. Hence get free incentives on an off SIM with this marvelous package in zero rupees balance.

60 Days Minutes

Call on every Telenor number for free because you have got 3000 minutes for on-network minutes. These minutes will stay with you 24/7 for 60 days after subscribing free offer.

Apna4G Conclusion

We prefer our dear visitors to please reactivate or insert your “band SIM” into your mobile and get free resources to stay connected with all dear ones. However in case of any further inquiry please click on the INFO & FaQs.

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