Telenor Conference Call Code, Price & Detail 2024

Telenor Conference Call Code – Dial the 345 code and activate the 5-in-1 mutual call service on Telenor prepaid number for free. This service works for a lifetime and you need to connect with your friends manually in a call to start Telenor Conference Call.

Conference stands for the meeting of 2 or more people simultaneously. Hence, when a prepaid user makes a call to many users simultaneously (at the same time) such a call is known as a Conference Call.

It is very easy to start a Conference Call using Telenor prepaid SIM. Hence, on this page, we have provided a full guide about this fact and the steps to start a new Conference Call using Telenor SIM.

Telenor Conference Call Code

1st of all you need to dial 345 and connect with a Telenor agent, when the helpline agent connects ask him/her to activate the mutual Call service on your SIM card.

This process will activate the Telenor mutual Call for a lifetime on your prepaid SIM. Now you need to make (start) the Conference Call. It is very simple to start a Conference Call, and it is your choice whether you select 1 user, 2 users, or 5 users for Conference Call.

Service Details:

Service Name:Conference Call
Price:Rs 0
Add-Numbers:Up to 5
Numbers Type:All (prepaid)

How To Start A Conference Call on Telenor?

These are the steps that you need to follow if you want to make (start) a Conference Call with your friends using your Telenor SIM:

  • 1st of all activate the Telenor conference call using the 345 code
  • Now call any number, when the user connects and wait a few seconds
  • You have to put the 1st user on hold and dial 2nd user in the row
  • Continue this procedure till you connect 5 numbers (On & Off-Net)
  • Hence, this procedure will start a conference call on your Telenor number
  • Or in the case of touch screen mobile, click on “Merge Call” to add 4 numbers
  • Hence, this merge button will also start a mutual call on Telenor SIM for free

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Few Facts About Conference Call

In a conference call, the voices of 5 users (or all the numbers that are connected) can speak at the same time. Hence, you can make the group call while sitting at home using a prepaid SIM for free at the normal calling rate of Telenor.

Benefits of Conference Call

  • It is a free service
  • No extra charges apply
  • No taxes will apply to the service
  • 5 users can talk at the same time
  • Moreover, All on-net & off-net users are allowed
  • No time duration is fixed for the Conference Call
Apna4G Conclusion

This world has become a global village. And our relatives or friends who are living in different parts of the country. They can easily connect with each other using this Telenor prepaid service. It allows you to enjoy the company of friends in the form of a voice meeting to realize you all are sitting together. Hence, the author of Apna4G fully supports this service. He also suggests dear visitors activate it to get a strong connection between prepaid on & off-network numbers.

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