Telenor PUBG Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2024 (New)

Especial for PUBG game, all networks including Telenor have launched new offers. These offers are known as the “Telenor PUBG Packages” having validity of daily weekly and monthly.

Do you want to play PUBG on Telenor? It has become possible to experience the supreme speed of the internet as this game will live-stream on Telenor 4G only. This is the only network that gives better internet coverage in northern areas of Pakistan.

PUBG is a famous battlefield game. This game has got fame among the young generation of Pakistan. That’s why all telecom networks have launched special packages for this marvelous game only.

Telenor PUBG Packages

Bundles or offers for PUBG are divided into 3 parts according to “Telenor PUBG Packages” for 2024. Please subscribe to the daily internet package in case of 24 hours games. For a better experience, you can activate a 7-day PUBG or 30 days PUBG bundle.

All these bundles have different codes and their prices are also different from each other. Don’t miss this golden chance to get the fastest 4G, LTE, and speedy internet MBs for better game streaming.

Telenor PUBG Daily

A list of the latest “Telenor Daily PUBG Bundles” is given below. We have also described their price and code with them. These bundles start from 1-day validity and end at 30 days validity.

PUBG 1 Day Bundles List:

1.5GB Daily

In this package, users receive 1500 MBs (1.5GB) for 12 hours from 12 AM to 12 PM. This bundle is a daily PUBG offer and deducts Rs 18 from the user account. Dial *150# to activate this offer.

Offer Details:

Offer Name:1.5GB Daily
Price:Rs 18
Validity:12 Hours:
Timing:12 AM-12 PM

Weekly PUBG Bundles

Now it’s time to provide PUBG 7 days internet packages. It is very important to inform you that you can use social media apps and the internet with these MBs. Hence, these are gamer MBs as well as internet MBs.

PUBG 7 Days Bundles List:

8GB Weekly

Weekly, 8000 MBs are available for the PUBG game. These MBs cost PKR 185 and remain valid for 7 days. Here are more details present in this table:

Offer Details:

Offer Name:8GB Weekly
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 185

Monthly PUBG Bundles

The last packages for PUBG games have a validity of 30 days. These bundles provide maximum validity and charges more than daily and weekly offers. You can subscribe monthly bundle and play the PUBG games for 30 days.

PUBG 30 Days Bundles List:

100GB Monthly

Receive 100GB from 11 PM to 12 PM for 180 rupees. Dial *29# to activate this monthly 100GB internet bundle and enjoy unlimited PUBG Games.

Offer Details:

Offer Name:100GB Monthly
Price:Rs 180
Validity:12 Hours:
Timing:11 AM – 12 PM

Note: Dial *999# to check the remaining MBs of these PUBG packages.

Enjoy Battlefield

Everyone knows that PUBG is a game of online shooting, war, and fighting. Hence, this game requires a strong internet connection. What could be better than Telenor in terms of the internet, when you live in the middle of the city or in a village everywhere you will receive Telenor signals for sure. Hence, improve your gaming with this marvelous daily, weekly, or monthly bundle.

Get Perfect Rank

Whenever a user plays this game and completes a mission, then according to game law, the player receives a rank of the day. Those who have the best internet and stay connected to the game, then the officials give them a rank of the day. This plays an important role in the betterment of a player’s status in-game. Click here for PUBG Game Tricks‘ complete details.

Terms & Conditions
  • These are prepaid offers
  • No additional charges will apply
  • Users can check MBs by dialing *999#
  • You can subscribe bundle with codes
  • For more details & FAQs, please click here

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