Telenor Weekly Video Package 2024 – Price & Code

Enjoy 5GB (5000 MBs) with Telenor Weekly Video Package for YouTube, TikTok, Likee & SnackVideo Apps for Rs 101 including the tax on prepaid SIM card.

It has become a popular trend to swipe up online videos while sitting free. That’s why short videos (reels) have been launched recently that we can see on different apps.

Yes! Watch reels or other short videos on YouTube, TikTok, Likee, and SnackVideo apps. You just need an internet package that supports 3G/4G connectivity to give you a non-stop internet connection.

Telenor Weekly Video Package

What could be better than Telenor Weekly Video Package for 7-days internet video streaming? On the other hand, network officials have fixed the price of this video bucket to Rs 80 including tax. Hence this is a reasonable price for such a good video streaming bucket.

You just need to dial *220# and the network officials will deduct Rs 101 from your account. As a reward, you will receive 5GB (2G/3G/4G supported) the fastest internet MBs. Below we have mentioned all those sites & portals that are eligible to use these 5000 MBs.

5GB in Rs 101 (Weekly)

Here full details about Telenor’s weekly valid video package are given below. On the other hand, the methods (code trick + online activation trick) that can activate the following bucket on your number are also mentioned below:

Offer Name:Telenor Video
Price:Rs 101

Note: You can only access Snack Video, TikTok, YouTube, and Likee via this 101-rupees bucket.

Access Video Apps

Now it has become possible to access video apps while using Telenor SIM for less than 100 rupees. We have suggested a few other names for the Telenor Weekly Video Package below according to the method & way of its operation it works:

  • Telenor Likee Weekly Package
  • Telenor Weekly TikTok package
  • YouTube Weekly Package Telenor
  • Telenor Snack Video Weekly Offer

See: Telenor Ramzan Offer

Due to 101 rupees package special condition to accessing 4 video apps, we have to suggest 4 names above that are 100% accurate.

Term & Conditions
  • It is a Telenor video package
  • This Telenor video offer work on select apps
  • Officials have the authority to change or terminate it
  • Only Telenor 3G and 4G prepaid users can subscribe
  • It is Snack Video, TikTok, YouTube, and Likee package
  • Get full details about this video package of Telenor from here

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