Teletalk Network Problem | Why Teletalk is Down Today?

Today everyone is facing Teletalk Network Problem in Bangladesh. Yes! Teletalk is down today and here we have highlighted all possible solutions to get strong signal even in this signal shortage situation.

In all major and small cities of Bangladesh, the Teletalk is priority of every user. That’s why, Teletalk has maximum numbers of subscribers. It is the top telecom network in Bangla currently. However, many times we have to face difficulty while using this network.

Today many users are facing low signal of Teletalk and it is causing limited or no access to internet, SMS and call service. That’s why, many friends are facing connection issue but here we have possible solutions mention below.

Teletalk Network Problem Today

It is the priority of Teletalk Network to provide non-stop service. However, due to many reasons the service may stop for a limited time. We assure you this limited time service blockage issue will be resolved in next few hours.

Common issue that stop the telecom networks to operate are bad weather, power loss, maintenance work and due to up-gradation of Teletalk from 4G to LTE and 5G respectively.

Possible Initial Solutions

You can change your location to a high point to make sure whether the Teletalk signal is not coming due to your location. Or chance your Teletalk SIM from 1 slot to another. In addition, the phone restart may also help you to recover the SIM signals.

Check Other SIM Cards

We will recommend you to check other networks or same network SIM cards working in other phones. If all the networks have signal but your network (Teletalk) is not receiving signal, then you must have to wait till the officials work on maintenance work and again give you better 4G coverage.


Teletalk never compromise on its network coverage, signals and packages. That’s why, the subscribers always receive full signals of Teletalk. However, today many users are facing signal issue / no signal. That’s why, we recommend our dear visitors to change their position or wait for few hours till you start receiving 4G (LTE) signals from Teletalk network.