Ufone Vehari Offer 2024 Code, Price & Details

There are 3 different packages of Ufone that are specially designed for Vehari area. We have discussed here all Ufone Vehari Offer fro Prepaid Ufone users with price, code and other basic details.

Getting Internet, SMS and On-Network + Off-Network Minutes on Ufone prepaid SIM while staying in Vehari is very easy. It is because of launch of new prepaid Ufone Vehari hybrid, internet and social packages.

Now it depends on you which package you want in Vehari City because there is a choice of 3 different packages that cost Rs 50 and Rs 100 depending up on the incentives.

Ufone Vehari Offer

Special U Plus Offer, Extreme Data Offer and Muft Mornings respectively are those 3 packs that are works only in selected cities in which Vehari is includes.

Hence, you can activate one package from these 3 offers that contain Special U Plus Offer, Extreme Data Offer and Muft Mornings Offer at affordable price.

3 Different Ufone Vehari Offers with Price:

  • Special U Plus Offer in Rs 145
  • Extreme Data Offer in Rs 180
  • Muft Mornings Offer in Rs 100

Let’s take a look at these 3 packs separately. After the inspection of incentives, validity and prices of these 3 packs, you choose 1 pack for your prepaid Ufone SIM.

1st Pack (Special U Plus Offer)

Ufone Vehari Offer provides 1000 SMS, 3000 Ufone Minutes, 60 Other Network Minutes and 8GB Internet (4GB Plain + 4GB Social FB & WhatsApp) for 145 Rupees. This offer is for selected regions in which includes Vehari city.

Full Details:

Offer Name:Special U Plus
Ufone Minutes:3000
Other Minutes:60
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 145
Subscribe Code:*4466#

Note: Dial *4466# and select Special U Plus Offer to activate.

2nd Pack (Extreme Data Offer)

Load your SIM with 180 Rupees and activate Extreme Data Offer for 7 days to get 20GB internet. Here, 10GB is special for browsing (plain data) and remaining 10GB is for social media apps (Facebook and WhatsApp).

Full Details:

Offer Name:Extreme Data
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 180
Subscribe Code:*4466#

Note: Dial *4466# and select Extreme Data Offer to activate.

3rd Pack (Muft Mornings Offer)

At the end, Final Ufone Vehari Offer is Muft Mornings Pack. Get 3GB Internet from 9AM to 12PM for just 100 Rupees. Use this internet for browsing, social media and downloading for 7 days.

Full Details:

Offer Name:Muft Mornings
9AM to 12PM
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 100
Subscribe Code:*4466#

Note: Vehari users press *4466# and look for Muft Mornings and subscribe it.

Why *4466# Code For All Packs?

We bet, you are thinking why the subscription codes for all these three Ufone Vehari Offers is same? Basically, the *4466# code is the subscription code of Ufone Regional Offers that contain all cities / villages of Pakistan. You just dial *4466# code and select 1 pack from the given 3 buckets and activate Ufone Vehari Offer on your number.

How To Check Remaining MBs, Minutes and SMS?

Dial *706# code and the remaining MBs, SMS and Minutes of Ufone Vehari Offer in 2024. However, the best way to inquire your remaining incentives in Ufone Vehari Offer is to download and install My Ufone App. When you got the app then open it to check your remaining SMS, Minutes and MBs including validity of weekly packs.

  • Use *706# Code
  • Use My Ufone App

That’s it, those are the 2 easy methods to inquire how much incentives are left in your prepaid Ufone account.

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Terms & Conditions
  • Ufone Vehari offer is a prepaid pack
  • It is available in all areas of Vehari Pak
  • Vehari Prepaid Pack is a non-recursive
  • Subscribe this Vehari pack multiple-times
  • Here Resource accumulation is not possible
  • All these 3 packs are valid for 7 days after activation
  • Get more details about these 3 packs from Ufone portal