How To Unlock Zong 4G Devices For All Networks?

You can Unlock Zong 4G Devices with firmware and dc unlocker in a few steps. Unlock Zong all devices through the 2 methods described separately.

With technology increasing, telecom companies have introduced SIM devices. These devices have taken place of internet old devices. Hence our internet connections have become more reliable, easy to connect, secure & faster compared to the past.

Unlock Zong 4G Devices For All Networks

Now unlock your Zong internet device, whether it is related to any type. We have two basic methods to unlock these devices however we have mentioned both methods separately to perform it on your own without any tension. You can unlock and use any SIM card in Zong device for free on your own in a few minutes by performing a few important but easy steps.

 You can unlock Zong 4G Wingle & Huawei internet devices through these methods. However, you must have certain important info about the device before going to unlock it. For example, the user must have the model number of the device before going to unlock it.

Before going to start DC Un-locker and Firmware cracking trick download the software first from the given links. After that follow the instructions given below step by step.

Unlock Zong 4G Devices – Method No# 1

In this trick, you have to download firmware & install it on your internet device to unlock it for all SIM cards. Follow these steps for complete info.

  • Download firmware.
  • Get the flash code of your device here.
  • Plug your 4G device into a laptop or computer.
  • Remove its SIM card.
  • Now extract the firmware into a folder.
  • Run update option as administrator
  • The update will take 4-5 minutes.
  • After the update is complete, remove the internet device from the computer.
  • Insert other network SIM card.
  • Congratulations! Enjoy your other SIM card data on the Zong device.
Unlock Zong 4G Devices With Firmware

This is the first track to unlock the data device with the help of firmware. This trick always works and we suggest our all dear visitors try this trick at least once to unlock their device in just 5 minutes.

Method No# 2

The second method to unlock your data device is by using a Dc unlocker. Follow these instructions.

  • Download Dc Unlocker here.
  • Connect your 4G device with a laptop or pc.
  • Launch Dc unlocker.
  • Now click on the “Search” option
  • Detect your 4G device with the help of this program.
  • Code will appear AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128
  • Copy this code & paste it into the program.
  • Press Enter, this will convert code into Hash Codes.
  • Now copy only Hash 1 & Has 2 codes.
  • Paste these codes into the program and press enter.
  • Wait for a few minutes and the device will unlock in 2 minutes.
  • Restart your device and now you can insert other network SIM cards easily.
Unlock Zong 4G Devices DC Un-locker

This is the complete second trick. We hope that these tricks will help you to resolve your issue.

Zong 4G Device On All Networks

Congratulation! You can now successfully crack all types of Zong 4G devices & Wingle for free. Try one trick from above and enjoy the fastest 4G internet.

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These tricks are 1000% working. Also, these tricks have been tested by professionals to make the guideline article easier for you. Now start your device cracking with these two working tricks. And don’t forget to stay connected with us.

Apn4G Suggestion

We don’t prefer to unlock your data device because it performs better on Zong SIM cards as compared to others. Because this device is designed just for one network. However, it is the desire of the device owner about what he wants to do with it. Thanks for your kind visit. If you like our article then don’t forget to comment below.

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