Zong Caller Tunes Code 2024 – Price & Details

Zong Caller Tunes List Code 2024 – The latest list of (Songs, Naat, Quran Verses) codes for Zong prepaid & postpaid users is present here on this page.

Do you want that whoever dials your number will listen to your dial tune (caller tune) in 2024? If Yes! Then you are on the exact page because here all the info is about this topic.

Yes! We will discuss caller tunes (dial tunes) of Zong 4G Sim. These tunes will ring on the speakers of those people who dial your number.

Zong Caller Tunes List Code 2024

The term “tune” is very important in Zong 4G. That’s why the network has specially customized “Music: Listen to your favorite tunes, anywhere, anytime” on the official page for all prepaid & postpaid users.

Apna4G has mentioned a unique method through which you can get your favorite tune code and activate it on your number on a daily and monthly basis.

Caller Tune Subscription (Daily & Monthly)

Get the Zong caller tune from the categories that are given below in the list according to song type. When you get your tune code, then follow these steps and activate it on your number on a daily and monthly basis. We have given its activation details along with the price here:

Info:Tune Subscription
Daily:Send SUB or
1 to 2300
Monthly:Send SUB or
2 to 2300
Tune SUB:Dial-tune name
or code and send
it to 2300

Dial Tune Charges (Daily & Monthly)

According to Zong officials, the network will charge a fixed amount of daily or monthly charges on any dial tune of prepaid number. Here is the total amount you have to pay:

Dial Tune Price:Caller Tune Price:
Daily Charges:Rs 1.78+Tax
Monthly Charges:Rs 25+Tax
Content Charges:PKR 6
2300 SMS price:Rs 0

Caller Tune (Islamic Code)

Do you want to get an Islamic caller tune on your number? This is the link on which you have to click and get more than 61542 Zong Dial Tune on Islamic topics including:

  • Dua
  • Ayat
  • Naat
  • Hamd
  • Nohay
  • Qawali

Click the link given at the end of the article to get these “ISLAMIC DIAL TUNES” codes. Then activate the code according to the daily and monthly method that is given below.

Dial Tune (Bollywood)

Who is among us that don’t use to listen to Indian songs? Hence, we have also included the Bollywood category here with a total of 6711 tunes.

  • Bhangra
  • Movie Dialogues
  • Latest Movies (songs)
  • Classic Indian (songs)
  • Other Movies (songs)

To get Indian movies (songs) codes, please click the link given at the end of the article.

Caller Tune (Pakistani)

Now it’s time for your Desi songs. Yes! Get the local language and professional “Lollywood” song code from the official Zong dial tune club.

  • Urdu
  • Sindhi
  • Saraiki
  • Balochi
  • Pushto
  • Punjabi
  • National
  • Classic Music

Click the link given at the end of the article link & get the code of these Desi tunes and activate them according to the activation method that is given at the end of the topic.

Dial Tune (Code Studio)

Now it’s time for something special music. Those people who really listen to music with deep hearts love to listen to coke studio. Here we have all seasons and their codes that you can activate on your Zong Sim at low charges.

  • 1st Season
  • 2nd Season
  • 3rd Season
  • 4th Season
  • 5th Season
  • 6th Season
  • 10th Season
  • 12th Season

All these season codes are present at the end of the article, hence Click the link given at the end of the article to get your favorite season code and activate it on the Zong 4G caller tune. It will charge a minimum amount, but you will get special feelings from these dial tunes.


How To Deactivate (Unsubscribe)

Now the question arises, “how we can deactivate” this service from our prepaid number? It is very simple because Apna4G has described the “subscription process” here with details:

Caller Tune UNSUB:Send “UNSUB” to 2300
Charges:Rs 0

See: Zong Device Packages

Terms & Conditions
  • Tune will expire
  • All GST will apply
  • AIT 10% will apply
  • FED 16% will apply
  • Renew the tune after the expiry
  • Get more info from the official site

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