Zong Free SMS Code Without Balance (April 2024)

Zong provides free SMS & MBs every week and month. This month, Zong Free SMS Code Without Balance has launched. These are 10 codes to avail unlimited free SMS without balance.

Do you want to send an SMS through Zong SIM without a balance? It is now possible and 100% valid through Zong SIM only. Zong has launched a few codes and tricks that can index your number in the list of gift receiver numbers.

The past 2 years have proved that getting free incentives on Zong is very easy. It is also legal because Zong gives away free SMS, Minutes, and MBs to increase its market value. It also increases the number of SIM users because of free incentives.

Zong Free SMS Code

These are ten tricks containing codes and other methods that give you free incentives on Zong. These codes and methods are those tricks that were ever launched till today. It means that we have collected all-time codes and tricks in one place so that you can get one working trick and receive unlimited SMS or MBs.

Sending SMS for free without any balance deduction is now become possible only in Zong SIM after the launch of Zong Free SMS Code. Yes! Here we have the List of all-time launched methods & codes:

  • *44#
  • *34#
  • *10#
  • *568#
  • *638#
  • *2244#
  • *537*2#
  • *56*8*23#
  • Install Zong App
  • Send an SMS on 4111

1st Code (*44#)

Those users who have bought a new SIM or have an old SIM that is of 3G type can avail of free incentives through it. Simply dial *44# and convert your 3G SIM to 4G network and avail of free SMS, MBs, and Minutes.

2nd Code (*34#)

This code was specially launched by the network just to provide 500 SMS free. Dial *34# and activate a free bundle gift for unlimited validity.

3rd Code (*10#)

This code is just for new SIM holders. Dial *10# and activate this bundle so that you can receive a welcome bonus that is provided by Zong to all new SIM users.

4th Code (*568#)

Dial the following code and receive unlimited SMS for 1 day only. This code is a day-free SMS code valid for prepaid users. Not only this, you will receive 10 MBs with this code for free.

5th Code (*638#)

Launched in 2020 this code was a tycoon of free resources. However, it is not confirmed whether it worked or not because it is not working on 40% of SIM cards. You can try it on your SIM.

6th Code (*2244#)

You must have turned off your SIM for 30 days. On the 31st day when you will activate your SIM again, dial *2244# and receive unlimited incentives for a fixed time. These incentives include unlimited SMS.

7th & 8th Code

For 7 days Zong to all network free SMS, please dial *537*2# or *56*8*23# for free. Both of these codes, known as twin codes, contain hidden gifts for subscribers.

Install Zong App

All 2G/3G/4G SIM users who don’t have downloaded and installed “My Zong App” yet can avail a thousand of MBs, SMS, and Minutes with this golden chance. Just install this app and register your app to receive a registration bonus.

Send an SMS on 4111

Type a new SMS RM8585 and send it to 4111 code. The company will authenticate your verification and provide you with free SMS according to your remaining free resources that have expired in previous packages. Get details about Zong Daily YouTube from here.

Suggestion By Author

I suggest my dear visitors try all these codes and tricks. We assure you that you will receive free SMS after trying these codes. For more details, please click here.