Monthly Social Plus Zong Code (Price and Details)

Dial *6001# code to activate Monthly Social Plus Zong Offer for just 370 rupees. Enjoy 20GB, 500 SMS, 500 Zong Minutes and 100 Other Net Minutes.

Zong Monthly Social Plus Offer introduces for social media lovers. In addition, it is a hybrid monthly package that comes with SMS and Minutes. Dial *6001# to activate it today using code. Or you can use Zong App / visit official Zong portal to activate this offer. Let’s see its details.

Recently, Zong has introduce a new monthly social plus offer. This package is best for monthly socializing, messaging and calling. In addition, due to affordable price, this package is also become a trend among prepaid users. So what are the incentives, price and validity of this Social Plus Offer? All such related details about Monthly Social Plus Package is present here below on this page.

Monthly Social Plus Zong

Zong Monthly Social Plus Offer code of subscription is *6001# for prepaid users. You can also use Zong App or visit Zong website and activate this offer. But we prefer the code method to subscribe this monthly social offer.

Here are these details of incentives of Monthly Social Plus Offer. Let’s see codes, minutes, SMS and social MBs details. After that, we will describe each incentive separately.

Full Details:

Offer Name:Zong Monthly
Social Plus Offer
Social Internet:20GB
Messages:500 SMS
Zong Minutes:500 Mins
Off-Net Minutes:100 Mins
Price:Rs 370
Subscribe Code:*6001#

Social Plus Offer MBs

Overall, this package provides 20,000 MBs for social media. This social media only contains YouTube, Facebook, IMO and WhatsApp respectively. It means you will get 20GB (20,000 MBs) for these four apps YouTube, Facebook, IMO and WhatsApp respectively.

Best Monthly Social Offer

There are related social and monthly internet packages in Zong, but this package has got something exciting. That’s why, in few days it has become very popular and now everyone wants to subscribe this package. If you still have any queries then you can visit Zong portal to get answer.

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Terms & Conditions
  • It is a prepaid offer
  • This offer works for 30 days
  • It provides 20GB social data
  • SMS and Minutes will be given
  • Advance Income Tax 15% applies
  • FED tax of 19.5% will also apply
  • Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% will apply

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