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How To Check Zong Number by SMS? (Updated 2023)

How To Check Zong Number by SMS? – Send an empty SMS to 667 code, after few seconds you will receive a reply containing your Zong SIM Number. It is a 100% working method that works on prepaid SIM cards.

Many times people even don’t know their prepaid SIM card number. Basically, those people don’t know which code is used by Zong prepaid users to check their current SIM number. Hence this confusion makes many users unaware of their SIM card numbers.

Remember one fact, it is the duty of every prepaid user to remember their SIM card number. That’s why the Zong officials have made this “Number Check Service” absolutely free. In addition, you can only check the number of your SIM using the SIM Check Code.

How To Check Zong Number by SMS?

Actually, there are a lot of working codes that can inquire about your current ZONG SIM Number but for this time here we have mention those SMS method that work 100% sure on every Zong prepaid SIM card.

Let’s see how the SMS method works:

  • Simply open your messages
  • Send an empty SMS to 667
  • In reply you will receive a SMS
  • That SMS contain your SIM Number
  • Hence now you can Check Zong SIM Number By Sending An SMS. It works 100% for sure.

SMS Method Charges

This SMS method don’t charges any fee. You can also inquire about your Zong SIM Number using the SMS Trick. For example, if you don’t know your SIM number, You can send an empty SMS to your friend’s number and check what number is yours. See your number from your friend’s inbox and save it on your mobile for future remembrance. In send case, if you don’t have SMS (message package) in your Zong SIM then you can get free SMS from the “Zong Free SMS Service” code. To get free SMS in Zong please follow steps that are present above.

Check By Calling Officials

You can call on any number and check what number is actually of Zong SIM. Hence these 3 methods that are present here on this page can help you to find it in 2023.

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You can also visit Zong’s official website to get more info about the new terms and conditions of prepaid Zong SIM. Visit the official Zong portal. In addition, the famous My Zong App is also a good source to check your SIM number for free.

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