Zong Infinity Voice Offer Code 120 Minutes For 180 Days

Dial *710# and activate Zong Infinity Voice Offer to get 120 Zong minutes for 180 days (6 months) in 40 rupees. Dial *102*3# to check the remaining minutes and validity of this package.

This package is specially designed for those Zong subscribers who don’t make long-duration calls. There are many users who just make one or two calls in a day, and the duration of those calls never crosses 1 minute. Hence, if you are such a Zong subscriber, then get ready for a long-duration call bundle at an affordable price.

According to Zong, Infinity Voice Offer subscribers will be able to call on Zong to Zong numbers within 120 minutes. These minutes will remain valid on subscriber’s numbers till expiry. Validity duration is maximum because 180 days become equal to 6 months.

Zong Infinity Voice Offer

This is a 6-month call package of Zong that has only on-network minutes to call on the same networks. 120 minutes looks very short but when we take a look at its price of 40 rupees then we have to admire that it is a long-duration bundle to make short calls in emergency situations.

Call package price & validity details:

Offer Name:Infinity Voice
Zong Minutes:120
Validity:180 Days
Price:PKR 40
SUB-Code: *710#

Note: It is a 6-month prepaid calling bundle.

120 Minutes For 180 Days

Overall, these 120 minutes look to be very short and people might think that these minutes will be consumed on their first day of subscription. Here you have to notice the fact that short minutes will be given on the basis of maximum validity which becomes equal to 6 months or 180 days. On the other hand, the price set for the package is less than fifty rupees. Keeping in mind all these facts, we concluded that this is the best long-term calling bundle for Zong 4G.

Subscribe & Check Code

You can activate the Zong Infinity Voice Offer to get 120 Zong to Zong Minutes for 180 days (6 months) for just 40 rupees by dialing official subscription *710# code.

Now due to 3G/4G the fastest internet speed whole system of Pakistan is transfer on the internet. This online system has aware of the Pakistani telecom networks and they recently launched their own apps. These official network apps contain all Calls; SMS & Data package details and subscription + unsubscribe code.

Zong Infinity Voice Offer has its details, codes, and price present on “My Zong App”. Hence, download and install this application on your mobile and subscribe to this long-duration call package through an online application.

Steps to subscribe to Zong Infinity Voice Offer:

  • Open “My Zong App”
  • Now click on-call/voice packages.
  • Scroll down and search “Infinity Voice Offer”
  • Click on the package and on the “subscribe” button.
  • Your 6-month call package will automatically activate.

Note: You can also check the details of the package & remaining minutes on this app.

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Zong Unlimited Offer

Launched recently, the Zong Unlimited Offer is also known as Zong 6 Month Package. Dial *5123# to activate Zong Unlimited Offer and get 100 Zong Minutes, 100 SMS, 100 MB Internet and 10 Other Network Minutes for 6 Months. Official price of this offer is Rs 50 including tax.


Offer Name:Zong Unlimited Offer
Internet:100 MBs
On-Net Minutes:100
Off-Net Minutes:10
Validity:6 Months
Price:Rs 50
Subscribe Code:*5123#

Apna4G Conclusion

At such an affordable price, you are going to have a 6-month voice package. This is a cheap call package of Zong voice bundles. This calling offer also doesn’t charge any call setup fee on every single call you made. Hence, just subscribe to this bundle once and enjoy half-year on-network calls.

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