Zong PUBG Package Weekly 100GB Offer Code 2024

Now, users will receive 100GB with the Zong PUBG Package Weekly for 200 rupees. This bundle is a complete package to play the PUBG game. You don’t need to worry because the data will never finish.

People while playing PUBG always remains worried because they usually face data (MBs) limits exceeding during gameplay. Hence, keeping in view such a situation, Zong 4G has launched a new weekly offer for PUBG.

Those gamers who activate the “Zong Weekly PUBG” bundle always remain tension-free. The main reason for their calm is the huge amount of MBs provided then by the network in less than a hundred rupees.

Zong PUBG Package Weekly

Dial *808# and activate Zong Weekly PUBG Package today. This bundle provides 100GB internet for 7 days. Hence, enjoy non-stop PUBG mobile on 3G/4G SIM.

The official price of this bundle is 200 rupees. Hence, load your SIM with 220 rupees and start gaming for the non-stop whole week with a bundle of 100GB.

7 Days PUBG Details

It has been noticed by the network that every time subscribers get failed to use complete data (MBs) provided by the weekly PUBG offer. This is because of 100GBs.

This is a huge amount of MBs that is impossible to completely use by the PUBG players. However, providing over the amount of MBs is a positive impact on telecom network on its users:

Offer Details:

Bundle Name:Zong Weekly
PUBG Offer
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 200
Timing:1 AM to 9 AM

Note: These data will work from 1 am to 9 am daily.

Double Data (MBs)

Basically, this package was designed with 50GBs data for 7 days in 100 rupees.  However, the network has made changes and doubled the amount of MBs. Now that 50GB bundle is giving 100GB at the 200 rupees. Get details about “Zong Daily PUBG Offer” from here.

Terms & Conditions
  • This is a weekly (7 days) offer
  • This offer provides internet MBs
  • There are no additional activation charges
  • You need 220 rupees balance to subscribe bundle
  • Click here for more details and info of this bundle

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