Du Pakistan Call Package 2024 – International Calls Savings Offer

Du Pakistan Call Package – Make Calls on Jazz, Zong, Ufone and Telenor numbers in Pakistan by activating affordable international call packages of Du.

Pakistan and UAE have a strong relation because a major population of the UAE (Dubai Emirates) contain Pakistani folks. That’s why, the 1st 5G network of Du has recently launched new international call packages for Pakistan.

Hence, it has become possible to call back at your home (Pakistan) by activating any bucket from this list. But before that we clearly want to notify you all these packages come with the implementation of 5% VAT (taxes). Hence, recharge your SIM according to mention prices to make a non-stop voice call.

Du Pakistan Call Package

Dial *135*70# and select 1 to activate Du Pakistan Call Package. Call on all Pakistani networks for 0.38 per minute without call setup fee.

Hence, the network will charge according to fix rate (0.38 per minute) and keeping this rate in mind you can make calls to any number in Pakistan.

Full Details:

Offer Name:Du Pakistan Offer
Call Rate:0.38 Per Minute
Price:Fix Rate
Subscribe Code:*135*70# select 1

Pakistan Call Rate Details

Here we have mention the call rate according to minutes you call to Pakistan. As it is clearly mentioned above, the 5% VAT tax is included in this rate and there is also no call setup fee. Hence, the rate according to different “call duration” is mention below:

Minutes You Call:Price in AED:
1 Minute0.38 Fils
2 Minutes0.76 Fils
3 Minutes1.14 AED
4 Minutes1.52 AED
5 Minutes1.90 AED
10 Minutes3.80 AED
15 Minutes5.70 AED
20 Minutes7.60 AED
30 Minutes11.40 AED
60 Minutes22.80 AED

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How To Subscribe Pak Call Package?

Follow these steps and activate the fix rate call package for the UAE to Pakistan (Du to Jazz, Zong, Ufone & Telenor) and enjoy the unlimited calls without paying any call setup fee.

  • Press *135*70# code
  • Now press the 1st option
  • Activate this offer for Pakistan
  • Done! Du Pakistan Call Package is activated

Same Rate Apply On 4 Countries

Yes! You heard absolutely right, this same rate applies when you call using this package to Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and India. Whether you belong to any of these 4 countries, you just need to activate this offer and start calling at 0.38 per minute non-stop.

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Terms & Conditions

  • No call setup fee apply
  • Offer subscription is free
  • Fix rate apply on Du users
  • Activation will be notified via SMS
  • Offer will work while your stay in UAE
  • Dial *135*70# and press 3 to deactivate
  • 5% VAT is included with this fix call rate offer