GP Network Problem Today | Why GP Network Down Today

Every prepaid and postpaid is facing network issue because GP Network Problem Today. Why GP Network Down Today and what are the causes of this network disturbance, all the details are present here on this page.

1st of all, as you know the number of GP (Grameenphone) is increasing day by day due to its extraordinary service, cheap packages and affordable calling & MBs rate.

That’s why, due to overload of maximum subscribers also cause disturbance in the continuous service of GP network. In addition, there are also many other issues that are slowing down GP (Grameenphone) today. We have describe here all those possible issues here and the time when the network will restore.

GP Network Problem Today

Here we have discussed below the Grameenphone (GP) network outages, issues, signal problems, and other basic limitations that are causing network coverage down in major cities of Bangladesh.

If you are a Bangladeshi then you must have GP SIM because our maximum population use this SIM. This is the main reason the network have to work on the maintenance of signals and quality.

Causes of GP Signal Down

Today, the network is facing many challenges. That’s why, the signals are down in major cities and areas of Bangladesh. Here is the list of issues facing by prepaid and postpaid users:

  • Signal Towers issues
  • Maintenance Work
  • Electricity Outage
  • Fiber Cable Cut
  • Upgrade

There are those possible causes that are making the Grameenphone service down in major cities of Bangladesh. Officials and working on it and signals will comes again in next few hours.

How To Fix Signal Issue in GP?

As all of us facing the GP signal issue (network down) in Bangladesh. However, we can follow few tips given below to check whether the signal increases or not.

  • Change your position
  • Move to a high point
  • Change SIM card slot
  • Change mobile & check
  • Check other network SIM
  • Wait for few hours and recheck

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Expected Fix Time For GP Network

According to officials they are working hard on the restoration of GP (Grameenphone) service restoration and in next 3 to 4 hours the subscribers will get the signals again. Hence, the expected time for the restoration of GP network service is 4 hours.

Cooperate with GP For Better Service

GP always expect from its prepaid and postpaid users to cooperate with it so that GP officials can provide better and better service to its all subscribers. Hence, after the signal restore you will again get the best super 4G and wide signal network of Bangladesh at low rate.