Jazz 4G Device Packages Unlimited (Price & Code)

Jazz 4G Device Packages Unlimited Internet – There is a total of 3 packages of Jazz 4G Device. The activation code, price, and details of these bundles are given below.

Do you own Jazz Super 4G WIFI, Super 4G WINGLE, or Jazz HOME WIFI 4G device? If Yes! Then see the Jazz 4G Device Packages Unlimited to enjoy the fastest 4G internet in Pakistan.

Jazz 4G Device Packages Unlimited

Avail 60GB, 100GB, or 150GB on your Jazz 4G Device using the given packages’ subscription codes. Let’s see how these buckets work.

3 Different incentives and new data offer list:

60GB in Rs 1850

100GB in Rs 2100

150GB in Rs 2600

Jazz officials have named these internet packages in the pattern of Regular, Mega, and Heavy internet packages of Jazz 4G Devices. Each bucket description is present below:

Jazz 4G Device Unlimited (60GB)

1st bucket is named Regular and it is available for all Jazz 4G Devices. Dial *117*73# and get 60GB at a fixed price of 1850 rupees. Dial *117*73*2# to check regular bucket status (check remaining data). On the other hand, in case of deactivation, just dial *117*73*4# and UNSUB this package.

Offer Name:Regular
30GB:1 AM to 1 PM
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 1850

Here the most important part of this package is its unique timing, this package works 24 hours for 30 days but its half data (30GB) will work from 1 AM to 1 PM every day. Hence the total of 60GB is divided into 2 parts according to usage timing.

100GB in Rs 2100

Get 100GB via Mega Offer while using the Jazz 4G Device. Dial *117*36# and get 100GB which 50GB will work from 1 AM – 1 PM till validity.

Offer Name:Mega
50GB:1 AM to 1 PM
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 2100

This offer can be checked using the *117*36*2# code and dial *117*36*4# to deactivate this offer. Full details are given above in the table.

150GB in Rs 2600

The last package gives 150GB in 2600 rupees. Activate this package by dialing *117*74# code. 75GB will work every time till validity and other remaining half data (75GB) will work from 1 am – 1 pm.

Offer Name:Heavy
75GB:1 AM to 1 PM
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 2600

Check code of this offer is *117*74*2# and the unsubscribe code is *117*74*4# respectively.

Apna4G Conclusion

This is the only article that has 100% accurately covered all the points of Jazz device’s internet packages. You may have noticed that we have given the above subscription codes, un-subscribe codes, check codes, and data + prices of all packages. Hence get 100% accurate and official details from APNA4G.

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