Jazz Internet Hourly Extreme Offer | Jazz 2 Hour Net *846#

Activate Jazz Internet Hourly Extreme Offer and get 2 GB for 2 hours for Rs 20. Dial *846# and subscribe to the prepaid bundle for 120 minutes and enjoy 3G/4G.

Getting the perfect internet package that suits the user’s personality is always (remained) a big challenge for all leading telecommunication companies. But Jazz 4G has always remained at the top in such daily, weekly, monthly, and hourly internet packages list.

Whether we take a look at the “hourly” or 2 hours internet packages of Jazz the “Internet Hourly Extreme Offer” will be present at the top. It is a 2-hour (60 minutes) internet package. Let’s see the full details of Prepaid Jazz Internet Hourly Extreme Offer 2024 including its price, code, and subscription method.

Jazz Internet Hourly Extreme Offer

Do you want to enjoy speedy 4G internet for the next 2 hours without any pause? Let’s subscribe new package which brings 2000 Mbps for the next 2 hours without any pause only in rupees 20. We have arranged this bundle & its details in the table below.

This package is available for all Jazz prepaid customers. If you want to subscribe to this bundle, you just have to follow these instructions. Dial *846# with your keypad. This package enables its subscriber to enjoy 2000 Mbps (2 GB) 2G/3G/4G Internet. This package cost 20 rupees only.

Package NameHourly Extreme
Data:2 GB
Price:Rs 20
Validity:2 Hours
Availability:1AM – 6PM

1 AM To 6 PM Offer

Between 1 AM to 6 PM you can activate 2 hours (2GB) internet package. Yes! It is a golden chance for those who want to access the internet non-stop for the next 2 hours for 20 rupees only. You can use these MBs to access social media (FB, WhatsApp) or to use the video portals till the MBs validity.

Jazz 2GB (2000 MBs)

It is the only package in the history of Jazz Warid that is widely known with a 2nd name in place of its original name. As it is a 2-hour internet package. That’s why people search 2GB (2000 MBs) Jazz internet package instead of a Jazz Internet Hourly Extreme Offer.

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Terms & Conditions
  • *846# is the activation code.
  • The package has 2000 Mbps only.
  • This package is valid on all 2G/3G/4G devices.
  • Checking your remaining Mbps is free of cost.
  • All general & government taxes will be charged.
  • Official package charges are Rupees 20.30 only.
  • 4G area usually has maximum speed recorded.
  • This package can only be subscribe 1 time in a day.
  • This package usually provides speedy internet speed
  • The offer is valid for 2 hours (120 Minutes) after activation.
  • Dial *117*24*2# to get free info about the remaining incentives.
  • Hence, check whether you are in the 4G area or not by dialing *443*1#.
  • No additional & hidden taxes are there except (GST) which is mention already.
  • Sometimes speed is slow by area coverage, weather conditions, or the form of any technical failure.
  • After consumption of 2000 Mbps, each Mbps will charge according to the official price of Rs 2.39 per Mbps (including tax).
  • While facing any difficulty, dial 111 & contact service care.

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