Jazz Karachi MBB Offer 2024 | 100GB

Enjoy the fastest internet through Jazz 4G (MBB) devices by activating Jazz Karachi Offer 100GB for Rs 2086/- using *117*80# code. Full details of this location-based 4G device data bucket are given below.

For Mobilink MBB or Data SIM card users just recharge 2086 rupees and avail of this mega bundle. This internet bundle is launched due to the low speed of the landline or always down the internet connection.

Which causes loss of time, data, information & money most important the connection of man with the whole world. That’s why nom stays connected with the whole world 24/7 without any pause in just 2086 rupees for a mega data bundle. Here we have complete details.

Jazz MBB Karachi LBC Offer

Now recharge 2400 rupees on Jazz MBB or Data SIM card. Then dial *117*80# to subscribe to a marvelous bundle. This bundle will give you 100GB of data for 30 days to use on an MBB device in Karachi city.

Subscribers can check the status by dialing *117*80*2#. Remember 1 fact that the following offer is a location-based package that provides 100GB for Rs 2086, but the user must have to recharge Rs 2400 to fully pay the taxes of this offer.


Package Name:MBB Karachi Offer
Data:100 GB
Price:Rs 2,086
Recharge Required:Rs 2,400

Unlimited Downloading

Subscribers of this bundle can enjoy 100GB without any pause 24/7 for downloading, uploading, video streaming, gaming, socializing, or browsing. That’s why this bundle proved successful after its launch in Karachi city.

As you know Karachi is one of the major cities in Pakistan. And people of this city want the fastest speed of internet whenever internet speed goes down their user’s rating gradually gets down.

For Karachi Users Only

As it is mention above following package is a location-base package that only works in Karachi city only. Hence, if you have a Jazz internet device then load (recharge) it with Rs 2400 and at the cost of 2086 rupees activate the following 100GB bucket successfully.

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That’s why the network has never compromised on internet speed and the coverage of a wide network makes it perfect as compared to its competent networks.

Terms & Conditions
  • This bundle is not auto-recursive.
  • Charges of the offer are fix (Rs 2000).
  • Both MBB & DATA SIM can activate this bundle.
  • 100GB LBC Karachi MBB offer will be available in other cities soon.
  • 100GB can be usable on 2G/3G/4G devices without any difficulty.
  • Internet speed may be affected by area coverage, location, or 4G users.
  • Subscribers can subscribe to this bundle multiple times according to their needs.

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