Kamyab Jawan Program Online Registration 2024 | Details

Here is the method of Kamyab Jawan Program Online Registration 2024 with a step-by-step guide and the official link is given for all applicants. Apply online from here to the gov pk portal to get a loan. How To Apply For Kamyab Jawan Program – With the success of the Kamyab Jawan Program phase 1, the government of Pakistan has started Kamyab Jawan Program Phase 2 Online Registration. You can index your form online by filling in the basic details and get your seat reserved today in this youth program started by the government of PTI.

It is very clear that this program has become very successful because 70% population of our country is youth. This program is also initiated as a co-branch of the Ehsaas program. Hence it is the best support for the Pakistani youth generation.

Basically, PM Imran Khan starts this loan scheme according to this the government will provide basic loans to youngsters to start their own new businesses on a (large or small) scale. This loan will be given to only those applicants who have read the terms & conditions of this scheme carefully and those who also fill the form with 100% accuracy.

Kamyab Jawan Program Online Registration

3 years ago when IMRAN KHAN was just a politician then once he promised on stage that he will give loans to the youth to start their own businesses instead of working for others. This will provide them with a better source of income, and it will abolish poverty in Pakistan. That’s why when he becomes prime minister, he fulfills his promise.

With the name of the Ehsaas program, he initiated a large scheme. These 15 different programs include men, women, and old-age people schemes. “Kamyab Jawan Program” is also a branch of one of those programs.

Phase 3 Loan Info

How To Apply For Kamyab Jawan Program 2024 | YES! Application Form – This is the full method in which we have described to apply for this program in step-by-step detail. Hence stay connected with Apna4G for the complete method to apply for the loan & to start your own business in less than 1 month.

1st Step: (Initial Selection)

Please visit the official website and start filling out the form. Provide your initial details on this page as given below.

Step 1 - Kamyab Jawan Program Phase 2

2nd Step: (Bank Loan Form)

The second step is a little tough for those users who don’t know how to fill out a form. Here the best thing is that you will find a little red star on those items which are compulsory to fill. Hence, provide your basic details and the loan amount you want to get from a bank. Page is present below:

Bank Loan Form Online

3rd Step (Affidavit)

The last page will be the Affidavit and it is the most important part. Please read & at the end mark (I agree to terms & conditions) only if you have read all terms, and you are going to agree to them all. Now click on the “SUBMIT” button and congratulations, you have successfully registered in Kamyab Jawan Program Phase 2 for free. Check your Ehsaas Program through CNIC with this link.

Affidavit Submit Form

Track Loan Application

When you apply for a loan in Kamyab Jawan Program, then you can also track the process of your loan. This special tracker updates the applicant about his application’s current progress. You can check your application progress by clicking the tracker below:


Online Calculator

The Internet also contains an online calculator. You can calculate the total amount of your loan with its validity (days) according to loan scheme terms & conditions.

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