PTCL Netflix Packages 2024 – PTCL Netflix Registration

PTCL Netflix Packages are now available after its successful launch in Pakistan. You can also enjoy 1st month of free Netflix on its new signup. Basically, Netflix is an online video, movie, and clip streaming platform. I will tell you “how to watch movies free from this app” without registration through free (trial period) usage.

PTCL is giving the first month free Netflix and after that period you have to activate the monthly Netflix package available for all types of devices. Hence, Netflix has become a part of PTCL and you can get its connection today on your device.

On the other hand, the first month’s free Netflix period can be extended by using an official app. In this app, the developer team has paid the charges and unlocked the official Netflix premium app for us. According to this paid official application, you can watch all premium TV shows, movies, and other videos for free. Yes! You just need a mobile, 4G data connection, and a “Netflix” app by play store.

PTCL Netflix Packages

You have to pay monthly to activate Netflix in your PTCL connection. There is also good news that subscribers don’t have to provide a “credit card number” on a package subscription because the PTCL is giving away the first month free on a Netflix subscription. Hence, you don’t have to pay for 1st month on Netflix.

Monthly Plans:

Package Name:Monthly Price:
Netflix Basic PlanPKR 950
Netflix Standard PlanPKR 1200
Netflix Premium PlanPKR 1500

Note: These 3 plans comes with different Video Resolution and Number of Screens. Details are given below:

  • Basic Plan Rs 950 ⇒ 480p Video Resolution and 1 Screen
  • Standard Plan Rs 1200 ⇒ 1080p Video Resolution and 2 Screens
  • Premium Plan Rs 1500 ⇒ 4K+ HDR Video Resolution and 4 Screens

1st Month Free

PTCL has announced that all subscribers who include Netflix in their PTCL connection will enjoy Netflix free for the first 30 days. Hence, this period will be an additional period for those subscribers who want to enjoy Netflix at PTCL speed.

Netflix Pakistan (Free)

If you are using 4G internet on your mobile then you can watch the latest or premiered movies, drama clips, and other videos on the Netflix app play store for free with a tricky mode. Here I tell you “how it works” in free mode.

  • Simply download “Netflix By Play Store” from here.
  • Now install and open this free unlocked premium version of Netflix.
  • There is no subscription email, card number or package selection required.
  • Just download and start watching HD+ movies with  “Netflix By Play Store”
  • This app only works on Android devices.
  • You can also install it on iPhone devices.
  • Congratulation! You can watch free 4K HD movies lifetime.

Free Movies & Videos

This app has made free links to lifetime free movies with HD+ qualities, videos, and photos, with no login requirements. Here this app also supports subtitles for each video it contains. There are also no ads on this app. Hence, it is the best source of free entertainment for all internet users, especially for Pakistani internet lovers.

What is Netflix App?

It is an official app developer team having an official website. They have surprised the whole world as recently they have launched a free Android version unlocked premium version of the Netflix app.

This app is fully unlocked and requires no subscription; login, card number, or any charge and allows the user to access all the latest movies for free. Isn’t the best trick launched by an app developer team?

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Terms & Condition

  • This app works on 4G data only.
  • You need a speedy internet connection for the best streaming.
  • This application is safe and doesn’t interrupt the mobile operating system.
  • You can only use this app on android devices.
  • For more details, visit please click here for INFO & FAQs.

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