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Telenor 40 GB Package Code 2023 – 4G Weekly Ultra Plus

Network officials have updated Telenor 40 GB Package and now the data amount has been decreased to half. Yes! Telenor has updated the 4G Weekly Ultra Plus Offer and now its price is Rs 240 in which the network provides 20GB internet including 10GB from 1 AM – 11 AM for 1 week.

People often search for this package with the keyword “Telenor 40 GB Offer” but due to a recent update made in 2023, the package is totally changed. But the official subscription code of this offer is still the same.

Moreover, we have highlighted the fact at the top of this article that you will get only 20GB of the internet including 10GB from 1 AM – 11 AM for 7 days via this offer. Still, do you want to activate this offer? If Yes! Then read the full article to get more details about this bucket.

Telenor 40 GB Package Code

The name of this Telenor 40 GB Package is Telenor 4G Weekly Ultra Plus Package and it is a weekly (7 days) bundle. In the previous year 2022, this package used to provide 40GB but now its total data MBs has been reduced to 20GB.

Telenor 40 GB Package – Due to the new update this offer gives half data, hence dial  *225# and get 20GB of the internet including 10 GB from 1 AM to 11 AM for 7 days. You can check the remaining MBs (data) of this bucket by dialing the *999# code.

Full Details:

Offer Name:4G Weekly
Ultra Plus
Data:20 GB
10GB Timing:24 Hours
10GB Timing:1 AM to 11 AM
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 240
Check Code:*999#

Data Reduce to Half

As is clearly mentioned above, the total data is now reduced due to the high tax rate and maximum internet package prices. Hence you will get only half the data of the 40GB offer by dialing the subscription code.

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Half Data 10GB Timing

The total data of this offer is 20GB for 7 days of which half 10GB will work for completely 24/7 hours for all 7 days. On the other hand, the remaining 10GB will work from 1 AM to 11 AM in total (10 hours). Hence always keep this timing in your mind before going to activate this offer.


Remember the fact that 40GB of data is not possible to get via 4G Weekly Ultra Plus because its total data is now reduced to half. Hence get the 20GB data today and enjoy social media, video portals, and downloading + uploading at a fixed rate. Get full details about this offer from the official site of the Telenor network.

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