Telenor Network Problem 2023 | Why Telenor is Down Today?

Telenor Network Problem or Telenor Signals are down in the whole country. Network Down reasons and fixing method is given here on this page. Hence read this full article to get technical support in such telecom network issues.

All Telenor users are searching “Why Telenor Network is Not Working Today in Pakistan” and how to solve it. Basically, Telenor is the biggest telecom network in Pakistan and is counted among those networks that are the oldest active SIM in Pakistan.

Due to its oldest operation in Pakistan, the network has got millions of subscribers. On the other hand, the coverage of the Telenor network is also in the whole of Pakistan. It covers all major cities of Pakistan as well in those high peak areas where no other network work only Telenor SIM works.

Telenor Network Problem Today

Today the Telenor officials are working on the network improvement operation. This operation includes the refreshment of telephone lines, 4G + LTE service check-ups, and call system improvement.

We can say that today the network is resolving its errors and other basic issues. That’s why maintenance causes signal issues in different cities. This signal blockage is temporary and it will resolve in the next few working hours.

Telenor Call Service Down

Today the Telenor Calling service got disturbed before signal blockage. Yes! If we reflect back a few years ago when the Telenor Signals were working then the “calling feature” was 1st disturb. Basically, the network is working on lines to make the telephone signals strong for a strong & clear “audio voice” while calling with Telenor SIM.

Telenor Network Problem Call

Telenor Internet 3G/4G Issue

We use speedy and cheap rate internet on Telenor SIM. It is a universal truth that Telenor provides really 4G and LTE service while using data. Hence today Telenor Internet Issue is the result of the blockage of 4G and LTE Service. You can access 3G data today but 3G speed is slow and users get sleepy while using 3G service. Wait till the 4G & LTE service restore.

no net info

Area Coverage Blockage

All those Telenor users who are facing Telenor coverage blockage in a fixed area. For example, if you face a Telenor Signal issue in 1 part of a city but the same issue is resolve in another part of the city. The following issue is related to your area only. It is a temporary failure of Telenor Tower that will start working in a few hours.

Basic Causes of Network Down

Telecom always faces signal blockage, network down, signal problems, and internet + call service issues. These issues usually come due to different natural and technical causes. Those areas where the rain comes massively or a storm came a few hours ago will deal with such errors. On the other hand, the technical issue can also cause a “network down” in your area.

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How To Fix Telenor Signal Problem?

Here we have given below a few tips and methods to fix (solve) Telenor Signal Problem via a few easy steps. We suggest you follow the given steps and try to resolve the Telenor Signal Problem and Network Issue at home.

Check Telenor SIM & Slot

1st of all you need to check whether the Telenor SIM you are using is working or it is block by network officials? Best way to check your working SIM is to find another Telenor SIM user. If the signal of other Telenor users is working then your SIM has some issue.

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On the other hand, many times the SIM slot of the phone causes the signal lost. You need to check whether the SIM is fit in SIM Slot and is not loose. If the SIM is fix in the slot then no issue in the slot.

Change Your Position

We suggest our dear visitors change their current position to check the signal strength in other areas. You can shift your mobile to the top (peak) of your home to check whether the signal strength increases or remains the same.

Use Other Call Service

In the time of emergency when you are facing a signal problem (network issue) on Telenor SIM. Please try to connect using another network SIM, many times 1 network SIM is facing a signal problem while another network SIM works properly without any problem. This error is temporary and resolved in a few hours when the towers start working.

Expected Fix Time

The network issue fix time is not confirmed. However, the current important operations that are happening in the country due to which the signals are blocked will automatically make the signal function in the next few hours.

fix time

Yes! The signal problem always come due to important functions being celebrate or due to natural disasters or maintenance work in progress. In the next 3 to 5 hours or early the network will get fully functional and you will be able to make calls, use 4G + LTE data and send – receive SMS without blockage!

Co-Operate For Better Service

Telenor Always requests its subscribers to cooperate because the support of subscribers to network providers will make the service better. The network knows about “Signal Issue” or “network down” and in a few hours, everything will start working. Use Telenor App for better guide.

Final Words

Such telecom network problems & issues are natural and these are temporary technical service issues that will be resolve in a few hours. Basically, getting info about the error and starting working on it takes basic few hours. Hence we suggest you wait for 2 to 3 hours till the Telenor Signals come again on your cell phone.

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