Telenor PUBG Package Monthly Offer Code and Price

Dial *345*57# and activate Telenor PUBG Package Monthly to get 2GB PUBG + 100 MBs in 60 Rupees. All 4G users are valid to activate this 30 days non-stop PUBG offer.

Are you a PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) game lover? If Yes! Then all Pakistani brothers get ready to play the PUBG game for 30 days via 1 cheap and affordable internet package.

Basically, this package comes with 2GB (2000 MBs) for the PUBG game and 100 MBs for other apps and for browsing. Hence, it is an all-in-one internet 4G package available at a fixed price.

Telenor PUBG Package Monthly

The official name of this offer is Telenor PUBG Mobile Monthly Offer (Play MORE se Zyada with Telenor) which is still present on the official page with the *345*57# activation code.

However, Apna4G has described the subscription code, check code, validity, game data, and plain data details on one page. So read the further article to get inch-by-inch details of the Monthly PUBG bucket.

30 Days PUBG Details

Here are the basic details of this Telenor PUBG Package Monthly with all related codes and info present below:

Offer Name:PUBG Monthly
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 60

Note: The 3G / 4G package also provides 100 MBs for plain usage.

2000 MBs For PUBG Mobile

It is correct that the following offer only provides 2GB of data. But it is also true that the price of this 2GB of data is very low. That’s why it is a perfect bundle for those who remain away from their Wi-Fi for a few minutes and want to stay connected with their PUBG game.

60 Rupees Net Package

It is only Telenor Pakistan that provides 2GB for Rs 60 otherwise no other networks in Pakistan has such a cheap internet package. In addition, the validity of this low-price package is maximum, which makes it perfect.

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1 Time Add-On Trick

You can increase the given (fix) MBs of this offer by dialing the *503# code. Yes! This code will add 300 MBs to this package that will remain valid till the monthly bundle expires. The price of this ADD-ON is Rs 5.

Note: The 300 MBs Add-ON is only possible for 1 time in a month.

Terms & Conditions
  • Check MBs by using Telenor App
  • All these 2GB + 100 MBs data work on 3G / 4G
  • Package never renew after its expiry after 30 day
  • You can only access the PUBG game via the 2000 MBs offer

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