Zong 12AM to 12PM Internet Package (Sub & Unsub)

Zong 12AM to 12PM Internet Packages list contains 3 buckets. Zong GNO, DTO, and Mega data offers are included in this list. Let’s take a look at each “AM to PM” internet 3G/4G package of Zong in detail.

1st package of the day is Zong GNO Offer or also known as (Zong Youth) Offer. Get 2.5GB (2500 MBs) from 1AM to 9AM (daily) for Rs 25 by activating GNO.

Offer Name:GNO Offer
Timing:1AM to 9AM
Price:Rs 25
SUB via SMS:Send GNO to 6464

For this daily (fixed timing) 3G/4G package activation you have to send an SMS “GNO to 6464” code.

2nd net package having “AM to PM” validity in Zong Internet offers is known as the Zong DTO offer. The word combination “DTO” stands for Day Time Offer. It gives 1.5 GB (1500 MBs) in 25 rupees.

This bucket timing starts at 4AM and ends at 7PM (daily). For this package subscription dial *47# and enjoy AM to PM internet package in Zong.

Offer Name:DTO Offer
Timing:4AM to 7PM
Price:Rs 25

See: Zong Super Weekly Net

Zong 12AM to 12PM Internet Package

We have described 2 internet packages of Zong above that contain special timing of AM to PM hours. However, we have left 1 last bucket here on this page for our visitors. This package is different from those 2 buckets that are described above because both of them are (daily) valid offers and it is a weekly (fixed timing) data bucket.

Dial *808# and activate 1AM to 9AM 3G/4G internet package of Zong having 100GB internet for 7 days. The price of this bucket is PKR 200 but you must have 210 rupees in account to fulfill tax requirements.

Offer Name:Weekly Mega
Timing:1AM to 9AM
Price:Rs 200

Zong GNO, DTO, Mega data

Zong GNO Bucket, DTO Offer, and Mega data Package work from AM to AM and from AM to PM timing. We have fully described their timing, price, data, and more info above in separate tables. These are 2 daily and 1 weekly bucket in Zong having AM to PM timing.

Note: All these packages provide “AM to AM” or “AM to PM” timing net, but remember that no package provides 12 AM to 12 PM internet. That’s why we have collected a few packages having similar timing.

Terms & Conditions

  • These are daily & weekly net packages
  • These net packages contain 3G/4G coverage
  • Zong offers works at fixed timing (AM to PM)
  • Whole Pakistan Zong users can activate the offer
  • Taxes will apply, hence load more than the actual bucket price