Zong EVO Packages & Price 2024 – Zong 4G Device Packages

Zong EVO Packages are divided according to Monthly, 3 & 6 Months, and Yearly validity. Packages with prices are given here on this page.

There are 3 (three) Zong 4G Devices that come with the same internet packages. The differences between these 3 devices are speed, size, battery timing, and other basic features.

1st Zong device is a 4G Bolt (Huawei) and it is the main device that is also known as the “Zong EVO Device”. On the other hand, the other 2 devices are 4G Bolt + (old and new versions) respectively. Let’s discuss the latest 4G packages that are launched for all Zong devices.

Zong EVO Packages

Whatever Zong internet device you have, just activate any internet package from the given list and enjoy 4G (speedy) internet at an affordable price. But remember one fact, all these packages are only for Zong Internet Devices, not for prepaid SIM cards.

There is a total of 6 packages for Zong EVO Devices (4G Bolt, Bolt+, and 4G Bolt+) respectively.

  • Monthly (Total 3 Packages)
  • 3 Months Bundle (1 Package)
  • 6 Months Bundle (1 Package)
  • 12 Months Yearly Bundle (1 Package)

This is the validity chart of all those packages for ZONG EVO that I am going to describe here today. Hence, let’s take a look at these internet packages and select 1 suitable bucket for your Zong Evo device.

Zong EVO Packages (Monthly)

There are 3 Monthly Internet packages for the Zong Evo devices. The price and data (GB) of these 3 Monthly Internet packages are given below:

Monthly Offer Data:Price:

Note: Half Data of (160GB ⇒ 80GB) and (200GB ⇒ 100GB) will work from 4:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Zong EVO Packages (3 & 6 Months)

3 MONTHS BUNDLE – Zong EVO 3 Month Bundle will give you 195GB for 5,750 rupees. Remember, you will get 65GB each month by activating this package for 3 months.

3-Month Offer Data:Price:

Note: You will get 65GB each month for continuously 3 months.

6 MONTHS BUNDLE – Zong EVO 6 Month Bundle provides 630GB for 12,500 rupees. Each month you will get 105GB, of which 30GB will be usable from 4 AM – 4 PM.

6-Month Offer Data:Price:

Note: User will receive 105GB (30GB from 4 AM – 4 PM) each month for continuously 6 months.

Yearly (12 Months) EVO Offer

Activate Zong 12 Months EVO Offer for 1 Year and get 1260GB (105GB Monthly) for just 23,000 rupees.

Yearly Offer Data:Price:

Note: Each month you will get 105GB of which 30GB will work from 4 AM – 4 PM.

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 How To Activate EVO Package?

Now the question is, “How do activate any package with any given offer on a Zong Evo device?”. All the available methods (tricks) that can activate a Monthly or Yearly package on Zong Device are given here:

  • Visit Zong Franchise
  • Call on 310 helpline code
  • Press *6767# with device SIM
  • Use My Zong App for activation
  • Chat with Zong from social media and activate
Enjoy the Fastest 4G (LTE) Internet

With Zong EVO Device (Bolt or Bolt+) you can enjoy the fastest internet experience in Pakistan. Use the internet anywhere, anytime on any device by connecting with a long battery Zong net device. It is best for those who want to remain connected to the internet while traveling.

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Terms & Conditions
  • All taxes will apply
  • Prices are inclusive of taxes
  • 15% AIT, 19.5% FED + GST will apply
  • Special usage timing will apply for selected data
  • Zong EVO gives access to the net anytime & anywhere
  • Get more details about EVO from the official Zong Portal