0347 Easypaisa | Who Is Calling Me From 0347?

0347 Easypaisa is a Health Insurance Policy call that is made by Officials. You can get this value-added service on your account on a daily, monthly, 6 monthly, and yearly basis. Here we have full details about this service.

Easypaisa has recently launched a health insurance service for its new and old customers. That’s why the agent of Easypaisa calls the user from the 0347 number and asks them about the subscription to this service.

But remember 1 fact, few Black sheep are using new technology, and they also make wrong calls by generating this code. That’s why; this code has become controversial among people.

Facts About 0347 Easypaisa Call

Many people think that the 0347 Easypaisa Call deducts their balance, but it is not. It is a value-added service of Easypaisa that is commonly known as a “Health insurance” service.

On the same hand, many Black sheep that use new technology and generate any number to call the users to deduct their balance also generate 0347 numbers and make false calls.

As a result, many people think the call from 0347 is a wrong call and the remaining people think it is a value-added service call. Hence, it has become a new confusion among Easypaisa users.

Official Easypaisa Announcement

To distinguish between the wrong numbers and the original (official) numbers, Easypaisa Pakistan has launched this picture on its official Facebook page. Hence, it will be clear which number is safe to pick up and which numbers make fake calls.

pick & drop

Hence, according to this image, this code is the official code of Easypaisa health insurance service but in case of any problem, you can contact the helpline of Easypaisa.

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Rules You Should Always Follow

These are a few rules that can make your Easypaisa account safe and secure always. Hence, you should follow these rules always to stay protected:

  • Set a tough Easypaisa pin
  • Never Share your pin with anyone
  • Keep your Easypaisa balance secret
  • Never accept unknown transaction request
  • Contact (021 / 042 / 051) 111-003-737 for help

Download the Easypaisa app from the secure and official source of the Google Play Store and get numerous services for free. Hence, remain tension free in Pakistan by using the no# 1 transaction app.

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  1. I already received call from 0347 and callers tell me about 35000 rupees free for you. It’s a real aren’t.

  2. I received a call from 0347, and they were trying to send me easypaisa money request and I reject, thankfully i read first.

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