Ufone Digital Mega Offer 2024 Code and Package Details

Ufone Digital Mega Offer is a monthly package that gives 200GB internet, 10000 SMS, 10000 U-U & PTCL Minutes and 1000 Off Net Minutes. You can enjoy this package on prepaid SIM.

Whether you live in any part (area) city / village of Pakistan, you can activate this offer. This package is tending these days due to its all-in-one incentives, maximum validity and affordable price. That’s why, we have describe this package in details here.

It is now possible to activate one package on prepaid Ufone SIM and enjoy calls, send SMS and use 3G/4G internet by subscribing a package. This package is best for those users who want all incentives of telecom prepaid SIM at affordable price for next 30 days. If you are a heavy data user, long duration call lover, or SMS chatting expert then activate this package because it suits on your personality.

Ufone Digital Mega Offer

Subscribe Ufone Digital Mega Offer through ‘My Ufone’ App. Or visit your nearest retailer and ask them to activate this monthly offer / package on your prepaid number. You can also visit official website of Ufone and enter your number below the details of this package and click on ‘Subscribe’ button.

It is record of Ufone that officials of this network always design a package / offer according to demand of users. As you know, those users who select a monthly package, want maximum internet MBs, SMS and On + Off Net Minutes. That’s why, this offer is design according to users demand and also save the money of prepaid subscribers.

Digital Mega Overview:

Offer Name:Ufone Digital Mega Offer
U & PTCL Minutes:10,000
Other Minutes:1000
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 1600
Subscribe Code:Online, App & Retailer

200GB Internet

First benefit that you enjoy after subscribing this package is its internet data. Yes! You will receive 200GB internet for 3G/4G usage. Hence, access of internet become possible in off-peak and on-peak hours due to 24/7 usage policy of this bundle. Just activate this package and enjoy 200 GB for 30 days non-stop on your mobile.

  • Internet: 200GB

10,000 SMS

Officials of telecom network always want to make your connection strong with your friends. That’s why, for a strong friendship, you always need to keep connected with friends by sending them SMS on their SIM card. For this purpose the officials are giving 10,000 SMS (messages) in Digital Mega Offer / Package. Enjoy the best SMS service of Ufone monthly by subscribing this reliable package.

  • SMS: 10,000

All Net Minutes

Overall, this monthly package comes with 10,000 Ufone to Ufone & PTCL Minutes. In addition, this offer also gives 1000 Off Net Minutes for other network calling. Hence, we can say that Ufone is giving all network minutes in this prepaid offer / package.

  • On-Network Minutes: 10,000
  • Off-Network Minutes: 1000

Price & Load Required

Official price of this offer is Rs 1600/- only. All type of taxes apply on this offer and after implementation of GST, AIT and FED the price become Rs 1620/- respectively. Hence, recharge your SIM with 1620 rupees and activate this monthly prepaid offer.

  • Price: Rs 1600/-
  • Recharge Required: Rs 1620/-
How To Subscribe Ufone Digital Mega Offer?

To subscribe Ufone Digital Mega Offer, please visit the official Ufone website and enter your prepaid number and click on ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button. Or visit your nearest retailer. You can also subscribe to this offer through ‘My Ufone’ App.

Activate From Website

Visit the official Ufone website and enter your prepaid Ufone SIM number below the details of the package. After that, click on subscribe button and automatically sub the offer.

Sub Using App

All prepaid Ufone users always must use My Ufone App. Hence, you can use Ufone App and activate this offer. You can follow these steps and activate this offer using app.

  • Open My Ufone App
  • Click on bundles / packages
  • Now click on monthly packages
  • Scroll down and search Digital Mega Offer
  • Click on this package and select subscribe button
  • Done! This package will activate automatically on SIM
Visit Retailer

Visit the nearest retailer and ask the Ufone retailer to activate this offer on your SIM. They will activate it on your number for you. This method is valid for all users.

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Terms & Conditions
  • It is a prepaid offer
  • It is a monthly offer
  • This offer charges Rs 1600
  • Offer required load is Rs 1620
  • Activate it from app, website & retailer
  • Check the offer remaining incentives from app
  • Get more details about this offer from Ufone portal
What is Ufone Digital Mega Offer?

It is a monthly offer that charges Rs 1600 and provides 200GB, 10000 SMS, 10000 U-U & PTCL Minutes and 1000 Off Net Minutes.

How To Check Remaining SMS, Minutes & MBs?

To check remaining SMS, Minutes and MBs use My Ufone App.

Who can subscribe Ufone Digital Mega Offer?

Every prepaid user can subscribe to this monthly offer.