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Google Map is officially now a partner with Zong 4G that’s why a new offer “Zong Google Map Free” for all prepaid SIM users with zero balance has been introduced. Yes! It is now possible to use such a useful app (service) for free of cost with the first 4G network in Pakistan.

Do you want to locate your current location? Or those people who want to search for a specific location in their city or the whole of Pakistan can easily check it through the most authentic app “Google App” free of cost.

This all has become possible just because of the new partnership that has been signed between these two tycoons. Now you can navigate your location, set a timer between two locations, find out your destination, and much more without paying any single rupee.

Zong Google Map Free

There is basically a subscription code that activates this marvelous service free of cost on your Zong 3G/4G number. There is no specific condition to activate this service, however, the user must have an android phone that can support navigation graphics.

Here, we explain the major features of Google Maps that are present in this free service. Let’s take a look at this zero rupee service activation code, features, terms, and conditions.

Free Service Details

Want to know your exact location? Or do you want to search for your destination? All this has become possible with Zong 4G for free. Always remember that whether you have a 3G or 4G Zong SIM card, you are eligible to use this marvelous service daily. Let’s take a look at the following info.


Service Name:Google Map
Daily MBs:250
Price:Rs 1
Check Code:Zong App

Note: Here, the *627# Code gives Unlimited Google Maps and FUP 250 MB policy apply. On the other hand, the validity of each time code dial is 1 Day.

Google Map Rs 1 Offer

Supported Features

All of us know that with the arrival of new updates, Google Map has become very advance and provide a lot of new features. That’s why we have decided to describe all those features. Such marvelous features of Google Maps are supported in this free Zong service.

  • Select Route
  • Save Locations
  • Moving Arrow
  • Bookmark Places
  • Highlight Market & Schools
  • Separate (Roads & highways)
  • Share location & favorite place

These are those features that are consider those milestones that make this app successful. However, the Zong free map service supports a few of them. Get details about the Zong 5GB Super Monthly Offer from here.

Terms & Conditions
  • A 3G/4G SIM card is require
  • A daily subscription is required
  • Zong FUP 250 MBs will apply
  • No map or location download
  • Zong App also provides activation
  • Click here for official info & FAQs

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