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Zong Super Advance loan Code 2023 – Zong Loan

Get a double loan (2nd Advance Loan) of Rs 30 on Zong by dialing *911# Zong Super Advance loan Code. Send blank SMS to 6911 for 2nd loan via SMS. Hence Zong prepaid gives Rs 30 (1st advance balance) and then Rs 30 (2nd Advance Loan) via the new service.

In Zong, a user can get a total of 60 rupees advance (loan) by dialing the *911# code. Moreover, this code can give your Rs 30 + Rs 30 = 60 rupees loan (advance) in case of emergency.

Pakistani telecom network has introduced a new service through which you can get advanced twice legally. That’s why this service is added recently to the network to support the prepaid users to stay connected with their loved ones in case of any emergency.

Zong Super Advance loan

If we reflect back to 5 years ago the condition of the telecom industry in Pakistan. Then we must have to admit that all telecom networks were limited and their services were not impressive.

But now the time has changed and the telecom authorities also have improved their networks quite impressively. Yes! Now you can get a balance (loan) 2 times in Zong. Hence this service is known as Zong Super Advance loan and we have described it below with code & tax details.

2nd Advance Loan Code

Dial *911# in case of emergency and get the advance again (twice). Hence you can get a maximum (of minutes & SMS) via this loan to make a connection with friends. Here is what you have to do. Similarly, what are the charges (additional) that apply to this service?


Service Name:2nd Advance
Loan:Rs 30
1st Loan Tax:Rs.3.5+tax
Both Loan Tax:Rs 6+tax
Loan via Code:*911#
Loan via SMS:Send blank
SMS to 6911

Who Can Get a 2nd Loan?

It is quite an impressive question and the answer is very short. All those users who have recharged Rs 660 in the last 3 months can apply for Zong Super Advance (2nd loan). Applying for a double loan is similarly possible via the code & SMS method.

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How Many Loans I Can Take?

Due to some black sheep who don’t recharge & take the loan. A new term has been added to the double loan service. If you had recharged Rs 660 in the last 3 months then you can get “Advance Balance” twice (double) on Zong prepaid SIM. Hence enjoy this service twice.

How Much do I have to Pay?

Accordingly, the term & conditions recharge your account with Rs 50 in case of a single (one loan) advance. On the other hand, those who got a double loan must have to recharge with Rs 90 because the advance deduction including GST, AID & FED will apply.


Zong really wins our hearts by giving such an amazing (loan) advance service. Hence Rs 60 is a massive amount for the emergency time. We can easily call (nationally or internationally) via this loan. Hence we appreciate this great step by Zong 4G.

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