PTCL MDN Number – All You Need To Know in 2024!

PTCL MDN Number – MDN stand for Mobile Directory Number that is present on all PTCL Internet Devices. We need this number while paying our PTCL Device Internet Bill or recharging it.

Actually, the PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Limited) has introduce a specific number for all internet devices. This number work as an identity of each device. Whether you have a PTCL EVO, Wingle, CharJi, Cloud or any other (Wi-Fi) device it must have its own (unique) Mobile Directory Digits.

You just need that unique MDN number of your device to pay its bills or recharge it from the official PTCL sources (retailer shops or from the franchise office).


PTCL MDN Number or also known as Mobile Directory Number is the identity of your device. Those specific digits are very useful in case of device recharge.

You can find the MDN Number of your current PTCL device from these possible sources. There are 5 different places of your net device where the MDN number is print by PTCL Officials:

  • MDN is printed on net device SIM card.
  • MDN is also printed on Jacket of device SIM.
  • Mobile Directory Number is also present on device box.
  • Open device lid and remove battery, MDN is printed on plastic
  • In case of built-in battery, remove SIM cover to check MDN Number

Usually these 5 places have MDN (Mobile Directory Number) printed but in case you still don’t find your Mobile Directory Digits then please visit the nearest Shop/Franchise and ask them to find the specific digits of your net device for you.

Why We Need This Number?

MDN or Mobile Directory Number is the identity of each internet device. It is a unique number that is generate by PTCL just for your device. We need this number in case of bill payment, device recharge and other operation performing.

Recharge Your Device & Enjoy

As it is conform that MDN helps users to recharge their device without any confusion. Hence, recharge (pay bill) of your Wi-Fi device today and enjoy new 6MBs, 8MBs, 15MBs, 25MBs, 50MBs and 100MBs internet package at an affordable price.

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Apna4G Final Words

With the detailed description of Apna4G on such important topics, it has become possible for all internet users to activate the fastest internet package or to recharge PTCL device instantly without any confusion. Do you want to know more about MDN? If yes! Then comment below on Apna4G page!

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