Zong Family Bundle – Price and Package Details

Zong Family Bundle is a hybrid monthly offer for whole family members. Activate it using *505# code and get 40GB, 15000 SMS, 15000 Zong Minutes and 600 Other Network Minutes for 5 Zong Users. Price of this offer is Rs 2000 (including tax). Yes! This offer full details are present below.

Now create your own group of 5 (five) Zong numbers by dialing *505# code and activate the Family Bundle for Monthly (30 days) validity. When this package activates, all five (5) group members will share SMS, Minutes and Internet till expiry.

Zong network always focuses on internet while making a hybrid package. This time, Zong has added 40GB internet MBs in this Family Bundle. But here the officials have added a special distribution of these MBs. Furthermore, let see the MBs distribution from below.

Zong Family Bundle

Zong Family Bundle is a monthly 40GB (10GB WhatsApp & Facebook), 600 Other Network Minutes, 15000 Messages and 15000 On-Network Minutes. Hence, create your 5 friends (family members) Zong Numbers Group by dialing *505# and activate this Zong Family Bundle for next 30 days.

For successful activation of this package the user need to have 2000 Rupees. Hence, load your SIM today and activate this wonderful offer to get many incentives at affordable price and share those incentives to 5 numbers at same time.

Full Details:

Offer Name:Zong Family Bundle
Zong Minutes:1500 Mins
Other Minutes:600 Mins
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 2000
Subscribe Code:*505#

Note: From 40GB the 10GB will work on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Package For A Group

Zong Family Group Offer is not for a single user. This package can be use by 5 members simultaneously. Hence, dial the activation code and before subscribing this package, you need to select those 5 Zong Numbers which you want to add in this list. Hence, this package will create a group of 5 Zong Numbers and those 5 Numbers will get this package for monthly (30 days) validity. Moreover, see related Zong Monthly Pro from here.

40GB (Social & Plain)

Basically this package provides 40GB total internet in which 30GB works as plain internet and remaining 10GB works on Facebook and WhatsApp. Hence, while talking about 3G/4G access, this package is best for five Zong SIM users.

  • Total Internet: 40GB
  • Plain Net: 30GB
  • Social Net: 10GB
Terms & Conditions
  • It is a prepaid offer
  • You need to create a group
  • Group must contain 5 members
  • Group admin will pay offer price
  • Deletion of the group will delete offer
  • It is a 30 days valid Zong prepaid offer
  • Moreover all taxes (GST, AIT and FED) will apply
  • Use Zong App to check offer MBs, SMS & Minutes